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THE DIVINE PLAY - Being imagining becoming

An experience requires dvaita (duality, division), contrast perceived between opposites (hot cold, good bad, love hate, etc). Consciousness is advaita (non-duality, indivisible), so it imagines duality and conditioned mind to forget It's true nature for play (as in your dream during sleep). Hence mystics conclude 'For the sake of play, there is this forgetfulness'

All life varies between forgetting and remembering one's true nature as the Self defining one's perspective (values). Greater forgetting, greater ignorance. Greater remembering, greater divine qualities. Realizing the Self is just a different role that does not change the Self, just as no movie ever affects the screen which always remains still and unchanged.

As the Self alone exists, life is the Self experiencing of the Self within Itself, not evolution. Individual evolution and devolution are just different roles perceived (for diversity of story) which neither add nor subtract anything to or from the Self (the ever-still never changing screen). Realizing this truth, the only sensible act left is to choose a fulfilling role.

Mystics view all life as 'Raab di leela' (it's all God's play). Realizing the Self as the Self of all is unconditional love. All else is the perspective of the Self beyond all conventional thinking.

The above and further realizations came in 1999 by closing one's eyes and viewing reality from the perspective of the Self as a formless non-spatial immaterial spiritual Being (existence). Half self effort, half inviting grace.
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