The World Appears in Awareness

The tree in a seed grows out of it after destroying the seed, but Awareness (as formless Self) creates (imagines) this world (of forms) without destroying itself.

Hence, it is impossible to compare the incomparable Awareness (the Self) with anything whatsoever.

Whereas the tree, etc, are definable material substances, Awareness is a nameless and formless being. It is Awareness alone that becomes what appears to be of a different nature; yet, from another point of view it does not so become, for it is eternal and changeless.

When the Self is seen as an object, the seer is not seen (realized); as long as the objective universe is perceived, one does not realize the Self.

When you see the mirage as water, you do not perceive rising air, but when you perceive the hot air, you do not see water in the mirage!

When one is truth, the other is not.

It is only when the division between the seer and the seen is given up, only when the two are 'seen' as of one substance, that the truth is realized.

There is no object (the seen) which is totally of a different nature from the subject (the Self). Nor can the subject (being formless) be seen as if it were an object (with form). There is no division in such a vision.

Each jiva (individual) experiences however within itself whatever it has given rise to within itself with the help of its own life force. Behold with the eye of your inner wisdom the truth that in every atom of existence there are countless world-appearances.

This world appearance is but a long dream. This dream-like appearance is yet (believed to be) true during the period of the dream itself. Within every atom is the potential experience of every kind. Therefore, give up all your notions of diversity or unity.

Time, space, action (or motion) and matter are all but different aspects of the one infinite consciousness.

The rare few realize that the world appearance seen within themselves is illusory,except as the one infinite consciousness which alone is ever true.

On account of this consciousness, the world appears within (the imagination of) the jiva (individual), and there are jiva within jiva, ad infinitum.

It is when one thus experiences the truth, that he is freed from illusion. At the same time one's craving for pleasure is thinned out.

This is the only proof of wisdom.

A painted pot of nectar is not nectar, nor a painted flame fire and a painting of a woman is not a woman: wise words are mere words (ignorance) and not wisdom unless they are substantiated by the absence of desire and anger.

They who contemplate Awareness become Awareness.

Hence one should resort to that (consciousness) which is not limited, conditioned or finite.

The Concise Yoga Vasistha - pg 129 - 130. ISBN 0-87395-954-X. World's 2nd longest poem, 20'000 verses on consciousness.