The Truth of the Sikh Gurus

Sikh means to seek the truth, and the core truth of the Sikh gurus is:

Existence alone exists dreaming forever (as indivisible consciousness, a non-spatial self-existent spiritual reality).

The Ocean is in the drop. The world is imagined within the subject (as consciousness, existence, a spirtual Being without space).

Life is a completely subjective experience, entirely from the view of the subject who alone exists (as indivisible consciousness).

This is summed up by mystics as "Raab di leela" - It's all God's play (the play of consciousness, indivisible spirit, Existence Itself).

Your atma (soul) and Paramatama (the Infinite, consciousness) are always one (as consciousness is indivisible).

The clue lies in our dreams. Each night we dream (project) a world which seems to be just as real and solid as the one we wake up to.

On waking we realize it never existed, except as a dream in our consciousness. If we ask of what that world in our dream was made of?

The answer is nothing (no space, material or movement), it was simply imagined (projected like a movie) within our consciousness.

Why does consciousness dream? Why do you dream at night? Its the nature of consciousness to dream, infinite Self experiencing (play).

Using the same Sanskrit words, the Sikh gurus, the Buddha and Hindu mystics reveal the 3 states and awakening to the 4th:

At night you dream with eyes closed. During day you dream with eyes open. The underlying reality in both is your consciousness.

So the Sikh gurus define the core goal of a Sikh (truth seeker) as: "Aapna mool pashaano" (realize your Self as consciousness).


The world is merely a dream. 581 line 15

The world is a drama staged in a dream. In a moment, the play is played. 18 line 8

Through the Guru's Teachings, they come to understand and see that this world is just a dream. 63 line 8

One who overcomes the three states (jagrat, svapam, susupati), dwells in the fourth state (turiya). 839 line 9

Eradicating the three states, dwell in the fourth state. This is the unparalleled devotional worship. 908 line 3

There is one awareness (consciousness) among all created beings. 24 line 19

The three qualities are pervasive; the Lord dwells in His home, the fourth state. 1038 line 17

One who knows the Lord in the fourth state (as consciousness), is not subject to virtue or vice. 943 line 15

In awareness (conscious of your consciousness), there is Your Light. Raag Prabhaatee 1327

He Himself (existence) is consciousness. 940 line 9

One who understands his own Self (consciousness), realizes the Lord (consciousness). 1024 line 19

Let the realization that God is within you (as your Self) be your discrimination. 355 line 7

God is not far away, He is in each and every heart (as your consciousness, true Self). 765 line 6

They describe and explain the three states of mind (jagrat, svapam, susupati), but the fourth state (turiya), union with (realization of) the Lord, is known only through the True Guru. 154 line 111 - 1112

When the mind becomes steady and stable (silent), it abides in the heart (consciousness), and then the Gurmukh realizes the root, the source of all (consciousness). 945 line 11

One who understands his own Self, realizes the Lord. His light merges into the Light. 1024 line 19

The Lord is in the soul, and the soul is in the Lord. This is realized through the Guru's Teachings. 1153 line 8


O mind, renounce the three states, and focus your consciousness on the fourth state. 603 line 5

By Guru's Grace, he is self-realized. He restrains (quietens) his wandering mind, and brings it back to its own home within the Self (conscious of one's consciousness). 88 line 13 - 14

Meeting the Guru, the bondage of the three states is cut away, and in the fourth state the Door of Liberation is attained. 33 line 11

The fourth state, the highest, is obtained by the Gurmukh who practices Truth, and only Truth. 113 line 7

The three qualities (jagrat, svapam, susupati) hold people in attachment to Maya (the world illusion). The Gurmukh (Self realized) attains the fourth state (turiya) of higher consciousness. 30 line 13

Whoever knows his own Self (consciousness), realizes God (consciousness). 1051 line 6

By Guru's Grace, a few come to understand; they center their consciousness in the fourth state. 129 line 6

The Gurmukhs dwell in the fourth state; they obtain a dwelling in the home of their own inner being. 1130 line 8

Then, he sees Truth, and speaks the Truth; he realizes the True Lord pervading the entire Universe. 565 line 6

You Yourself realize Yourself. Through the Guru's Teachings, You reveal Yourself. 1060 line 19


The all pervading Lord dwells within each and every person's heart, so how can He be obtained? 82 line 12

He has no form or shape; He is seen (realized) within each and every heart (as consciousness). 130 line 1

O my beloved camel-like mind, search for the Lord within your own heart (consciousness). 234 line 7

The One Lord is pervading in all (as the Self), but rare are those who realize this. 594 line 9

The Gurmukh (Self realized) realizes his own Self; no one appears evil to him. 1244 line 11


Know that the world is just a dream. 1387 line 18

This is a dream, but the sleeper does not know it. 740 line 9

The world is in the grip of the three states; only a few attain the fourth state (turiya) of absorption. 297 line 3

He (the Infinite) is love, He is consciousness (your awareness of Self awareness). 863 line 2

To one who has dispelled his own doubts; he realizes that everyone is God (consciousness). 610 line 3

He (consciousness) alone is in the mind; He alone is everywhere (as everything). 178 line 9

So realize that the Supreme Lord is within each and every heart (as consciousness). 741 line 11

In each and every heart, He Himself dwells, but how rare is that person who realizes this. 458 line 16

Show kindness and mercy to all beings, and realize that the Lord is pervading everywhere; this is the way of life of the enlightened soul, the supreme swan. 508 line 12

One who has dispelled his own doubts; realizes that everyone is God (conscsiousness). 610 line 3

You are contained in all, but he alone realizes this, whom You bless with understanding. 610 line 16


You must realize that this world is nothing more than a dream (jagrat). 1187 line 3

Like a dream and a show, so is this world, you must know. 1427 line 14

The Immaculate Lord is within your heart, and yet you search for Him in the wilderness (the world). 632 line 2

The whole world is just like a dream; it will pass away in an instant. 633 line 3

The body is false, but they believe it to be true; it is like a dream in the night. 219 line 6

Servant Nanak proclaims that the vast expanse of this world is just a dream (jagrat). 1352 line 13

Says Nanak, realize and know Him, who is always with you (as your consciousness, the Self). 1426 line 15


That man who realizes the fourth state (turiya, consciousness), he alone obtains the supreme state. 1123 line 4

When you are conscious in your consciousness, you shall be enlightened and illuminated. 339 line 12

Allah (consciousness) is hidden in every heart (consciousness); reflect upon this within your mind. 483 line 8

O human being, search your own heart every day, and do not wander around in confusion. 727 line 8

The life of the world is only a dream; life is just a dream. 482 line 15

I realize that there is no difference between my soul and my Beloved (consciousness). 1377 line 6

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