Sukhmani Sahib

Sukh (peace joy of) mani (mind). This sacred prayer was composed by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in a forest in 1602, now site of the Golden Temple, the most visited location in the world each year in the World Book of Records.

Blessed with great spiritual power and written in Gurmukhi (spiritual language of gurus), the prayer rhymes every two lines for peace and joy of mind in the relative world. It's core theme is to remember you are the Self.

It addresses remembering to realize your true Self by every attitude through all 4 main approaches - truth (jnana), meditation (raja), devotion (bhakti) or service (karma).

In mystical traditions existence (indivisible non-spatial immaterial consciousness) is also referred to as God, Wahe Guru, Paramatama or the Name (Naam). The audio version below is in song form. Sukhmani Sahib


ga-orhee Sukhmanee mehlaa panjama.
Gauree Sukhmani, mehl fifth.

Ik Onkar, satgur parsad.
One creative existence, the true guru's grace.

aad guray namah.
I bow to the primal guru.

jugad guray namah.
I bow to the guru of the ages.

satguray namah.
I bow to the true guru.

sri gurdayvay namah.
I bow to the divine guru.


simrao simar simar sukh paavao.
Meditate, meditate, meditate in remembrance of Him, and find peace.

kal kalays tan maahi mitaavao.
Worry and anguish shall be dispelled from your body.

simrao jaas bisumbhar aykai.
Remember the One who pervades the whole universe.

naam japat agnat anaykai.
His Name is chanted by the countless in countless ways.

bayd puraan simrit sudhaakh-yar.
The vedas, puraanas and simritees, the purest of utterances.

keenay raam naam ik aakh-yar.
Were created from the Name of the Lord.

kinkaa ayk jis jeea basaavai.
One in who's soul the One dwells.

taa kee mahimaa ganee na aavai.
The praises of His glory cannot be counted.

kaankhee aykai daras tuhaaro.
Those who yearn only for the blessing of Your grace.

Nanak un sang mohi udhaaro.
Nanak save me with them.

sukhmanee sukh amrit parabh naam.
Sukhmani Peace of Mind, grace of the name of God.

bhagat janaa kai man bisraam. rahaa-o.
The minds of devotees abide in joyful peace.

parabh kai simran, garabh na basai.
Remembering God, one does not enter a womb again.

parabh kai simran, dookh jam nasai.
Remembering God, the pain of death is dispelled.

parabh kai simran, kaal parharai.
Remembering God, death is eliminated.

parabh kai simran, dushman tarai.
Remembering God, enemies are repelled.

parabh simrat, kachh bighan na laagai.
Remembering God, no obstacles arise.

parabh kai simran an-din jaagai.
Remembering God, one remains aware night and day.

parabh kai simran bhao na biaapai.
Remembering God, one is untouched by fear.

parabh kai simran dukh na santaapai.
Remembering God, one does not suffer sorrow.

parabh kaa simran saadh kai sang.
Remember God with the company of the Holy.

sarab nidhaan Nanak har rang.
All treasures, O Nanak, are love of the Lord.

parabh kai simran ridh sidh na-o nidh.
Remembering God is wealth, spiritual powers and nine treasures.

parabh kai simran gi-aan dhi-aan tat budh.
Remembering God is knowledge, meditation and wisdom.

parabh kai simran jap tap poojaa.
Remembering God is chanting meditating worship.

parabh kai simran binsai doojaa.
Remembering God duality is removed.

parabh kai simran tirath isnaanee.
Remembering God are purifying baths at sacred shrines.

parabh kai simran dargeh maanee.
Remembering God one attains honor in the court of the Lord.

parabh kai simran ho-ay so bhalaa.
Remembering God one becomes good.

parabh kai simran sufal falaa.
Remembering God one flowers in fruition.

say simrahi jin aap simraa-ay.
They alone remember Him in meditation, whom He inspires to meditate.

Nanak taa kai laaga-o paa-ay. ||3||
Nanak grasps the feet of those humble beings.

parabh kaa simran sabh tay oochaa.
Remembering God is the highest and most exalted of all.

parabh kai simran udhray moochaa.
Remembering God many are saved.

parabh kai simran tarisnaa bujhai.
Remembering God thirst is quenched.

parabh kai simran sabh kichh sujhai.
Remembering God all things are known.

parabh kai simran naahee jam taraasaa.
Remembering God there is no fear of death.

parabh kai simran pooran aasaa.
Remembering God hopes are fulfilled.

parabh kai simran man kee mal jaa-ay.
Remembering God the mind's conditioning is dissolves.

amrit naam rid maahi samaa-ay.
By grace of the Name, the Name of the Lord absorbs in the heart.

parabh jee baseh saadh kee rasnaa.
God abides upon the tongues of His saints.

Nanak jan kaa daasan dasnaa. ||4||
Nanak is the servant of the slave of His slaves.

parabh ka-o simrahi say Dhanvantay.
Those who remember God are wealthy.

parabh ka-o simrahi say pativantay.
Those who remember God are honorable.

parabh ka-o simrahi say jan parvaan.
Those who remember God are approved.

parabh ka-o simrahi say purakh pardhaan.
Those who remember God are the most distinguished.

parabh ka-o simrahi se baymuhtaajay.
Those who remember God are not lacking.

parabh ka-o simrahi se sarab kay raajay.
Those who remember God are rulers of all.

parabh ka-o simrahi say sukhvaasee.
Those who remember God dwell in peace.

parabh ka-o simrahi sadaa abhinaasee.
Those who remember God are immortal eternal.

simran tay laagay jin aap da-i-aalaa.
They alone remember Him upon whom He gives his grace.

Nanak jan kee mangai ravaalaa. ||5||
Nanak begs for the dust of their feet.

parabh ka-o simrahi say par-upkaaree.
Those who remember God generously help others.

parabh ka-o simrahi tin sad balihaaree.
Those who remember God, to them I am forever a sacrifice.

parabh ka-o simrahi say mukh suhaavay.
Those who remember God, their faces are beautiful.

parabh ka-o simrahi tin sookh bihaavai.
Those who remember God abide in peace.

parabh ka-o simrahi tin aatam jeetaa.
Those who remember God conquer their souls.

parabh ka-o simrahi tin nirmal reetaa.
Those who remember God have a pure life.

parabh ka-o simrahi tin anad ghanayray.
Those who remember God experience all joys.

parabh ka-o simrahi baseh har nayray.
Those who remember God abide with the Lord.

sant kirpaa tay an-din jaag.
By the grace of saints, one remains aware, night and day.

Nanak simran poorai bhaag. ||6||
O Nanak, this meditative remembrance comes only by perfect destiny.

parabh kai simran kaaraj pooray.
Remembering God one's works are accomplished.

parabh kai simran kabahu na jhooray.
Remembering God one never grieves.

parabh kai simran har gun baanee.
Remembering God one praises the divine qualities of the Lord.

parabh kai simran sahj samaanee.
Remembering God one is absorbed into intuitive ease.

parabh kai simran nihchal aasan.
Remembering God one attains the unchanging position.

parabh kai simran kamal bigaasan.
Remembering God the heart-lotus blossoms.

parabh kai simran anhad jhunkaar.
Remembering God the unstruck melody vibrates.

sukh parabh simran kaa ant na paar.
The peace of remembring God has no end or limit.

simrahi say jan jin ka-o parabh ma-i-aa.
They alone remember Him upon whom God bestows His grace.

Nanak tin jan sarnee pa-i-aa. ||7||
Nanak seeks the sanctuary of those humble beings.

har simran kar bhagat pargataa-ay.
Remembering the Lord His devotees are famous and radiant.

har simran lag bayd upaa-ay.
Remembering the Lord the vedas were composed.

har simran bha-ay sidh jatee daatay.
Remembering the Lord we become siddhas and givers.

har simran neech chahu kunt jaatay.
Remembering the Lord the lowly become known in all four directions.

har simran Dhaaree sabh Dharnaa.
For remembering the Lord the world was created.

simar simar har kaaran karnaa.
Remember, remember in meditation the cause of causes.

har simran kee-o sagal akaaraa.
For remembering the Lord, He created creation.

har simran meh aap nirankaaraa.
In remembering the Lord one realizs He is formless.

kar kirpaa jis aap bujhaa-i-aa.
By His grace He bestows understanding.

Nanak gurmukh har simran tin paa-i-aa. ||8||1||
O Nanak, the guruwards (truthseeker) attains remembrance of the Lord.


deen darad dukh bhanjnaa ghat ghat naath anaath.
O destroyer of the suffering of the poor, O Master of every heart, O Masterless One:

saran tumhaaree aa-i-o Nanak kay parabh saath. ||1||
I have come seeking Your sanctuary.


jah maat pitaa sut meet na bhaa-ee.
Where there is no mother, father, children, friends or siblings.

man oohaa naam tayrai sang sahaa-ee.
O my mind, there only the Name of the Lord shall be with you as support.

jah mahaa bha-i-aan doot jam dalai.
Where the great terrible messenger of death shall try to crush you.

tah kayval naam sang tayrai chalai.
There only the Name (truth) will go with you.

jah muskal hovai at bhaaree.
Where obstacles are so heavy.

har ko naam khin maahi udhaaree.
The Name of the Lord will rescue you in an instant.

anik punahcharan karat nahee tarai.
By performing countless rituals you shall not be saved.

har ko naam kot paap parharai.
The Name of the Lord washes away millions of sins.

gurmukh naam japahu man mayray.
As Gurmukh (truthseeker) chant the Name (truth) o my mind.

Nanak paavhu sookh ghanayray. ||1||
O Nanak, you shall obtain countless joys.

sagal sarisat ko raajaa dukhee-aa.
The rulers of the all the world are unhappy.

har kaa naam japat ho-ay sukhee-aa.
One who chants the Name of the Lord has peace and joy.

laakh karoree bandh na parai.
Acquiring hundreds of millions, your desires shall not be fulfilled.

har kaa naam japat nistarai.
Chanting the Name of the Lord you shall find release.

anik maa-i-aa rang tikh na bujhaavai.
By countless pleasures of maya, your thirst shall not be quenched.

har kaa naam japat aaghaavai.
Chanting the Name of the Lord you shall be satisfied.

jih maarag ih jaat ikaylaa.
Upon that path where you must go alone

tah har naam sang hot suhaylaa.
There only the Lord's name shall go with and sustain you.

aisaa naam man sadaa dhi-aa-ee-ai.
On such a Name, o my mind meditate forever.

Nanak gurmukh param gat paa-ee-ai. ||2||
O Nanak, as Godwards you obtain the state of supreme dignity.

chhootat nahee kot lakh baahee.
You shall not be saved by hundreds of millions of helping hands.

naam japat tah paar paraahee.
Chanting the Name you shall be lifted and carried across.

anik bighan jah aa-ay sanghaarai.
Where countless misfortunes threaten to destroy you.

har kaa naam tatkaal udhaarai.
the Name of the Lord shall rescue you in an instant.

anik jon janmai mar jaam.
Through countless incarnations people are born and die.

naam japat paavai bisraam.
Chanting the Name of the Lord you shall rest in peace.

ha-o mailaa mal kabahu na dhovai.
The ego is polluted by pollution which can never be washed off.

har kaa naam kot paap khovai.
The Name of the Lord erases millions of sins.

aisaa naam japahu man rang.
Chant such a Name with love o my mind.

Nanak paa-ee-ai saadh kai sang. ||3||
O Nanak, it is obtained in the company of the holy.

jih maarag kay ganay jaahi na kosaa.
On that path where the miles cannot be counted.

har kaa naam oohaa sang tosaa.
There the Name of the Lord shall sustain you.

jih paidai mahaa andh gubaaraa.
On that journey of total pitch black darkness

har kaa naam sang ujee-aaraa.
the Name of the Lord shall be the Light with you.

jahaa panth tayraa ko na sinjaanoo.
On that journey where no one knows you.

har kaa naam tah naal pachhaanoo.
with the Name of the Lord you shall be recognized.

jah mahaa bha-i-aan tapat baho ghaam.
Where there is terrible heat and blazing sun.

tah har kay naam kee tum oopar chhaam.
There the name of the Lord will give you shade.

jahaa tarikhaa man tujh aakrakhai.
Where thirst o my mind torments you to cry out

tah Nanak har har amrit barkhai. ||4||
there O Nanak, the grace of the Name shall rain down upon you.

bhagat janaa kee bartan naam.
To the devotee the Name is of daily use.

sant janaa kai man bisraam.
The minds of the humble saints are at peace.

har kaa naam daas kee ot.
The name of the Lord is the support of His servants.

har kai naam uDhray jan kot.
By the Name of the Lord millions have been saved.

har jas karat sant din raat.
The Saints chant the praises of the Lord day and night.

har har a-ukhadh saadh kamaat.
The Lord's Name the Holy use as their healing medicine.

har jan kai har naam niDhaan.
The Lord's Name is the treasure of the Lord's devotee.

paarbarahm jan keeno daan.
The supreme Lord has blessed His devotee with this gift.

man tan rang ratay rang aykai.
Mind and body are imbued with ecstasy in the Love of the One.

Nanak jan kai birat bibaykai. ||5||
O Nanak, discerning understanding is the way of the Lord's devotee.

har kaa naam jan ka-o mukat jugat.
The name of the Lord is the path of liberation for His devotees.

har kai naam jan ka-o taripat bhugat.
With the food of the name of the Lord, His devotees are satisfied.

har kaa naam jan kaa roop rang.
The Name of the Lord is the beauty and delight of His devotee.

har naam japat kab parai na bhang.
Chanting the Lord's name, one is never blocked by obstacles.

har kaa naam jan kee vadi-aa-ee.
The Name of the Lord is the greatness of His devotee.

har kai naam jan sobhaa paa-ee.
Through the name of the Lord, His devotee obtain honor.

har kaa naam jan ka-o bhog jog.
The name of the Lord is the joy and yoga of His devotees.

har naam japat kachh naahi bi-og.
Chanting the Lord's Name, there is no separation from Him.

jan raataa har naam kee sayvaa.
His devotees are imbued with the service of the Lord's name.

Nanak poojai har har dayvaa. ||6||
O Nanak worship the Lord, the Lord Divine.

har har jan kai maal khajeenaa.
The Lord's name, is the treasure wealth of His devotees.

har dhan jan ka-o aap parabh deenaa.
The treasure of the Lord is bestowed on His devotee by God Himself.

har har jan kai ot sataanee.
The Lord is the All-powerful protection of His devotees.

har partaap jan avar na jaanee.
His devotees know no other than the Lord's infinite grace.

ot pot jan har ras raatay.
Through and through, His devotees are imbued with the Lord's love.

sunn samaadh naam ras maatay.
In deepest realization they are intoxicated with the Name.

aath pahar jan har har japai.
Twenty-four hours a day, His devotees remember God.

har kaa bhagat pargat nahee chhapai.
The devotees of the Lord are respected; they do not hide in secrecy.

har kee bhagat mukat baho karay.
Through devotion to the Lord, many have been liberated.

Nanak jan sang kaytay taray. ||7||
O Nanak, along with His devotees, many others are saved.

paarjaat ih har ko naam.
This elysian tree of miraculous powers is the name of the Lord.

kaamdhayn har har gun gaam.
The the cow of miraculous powers, is the singing of the Lord's name.

sabh tay ootam har kee kathaa.
Highest of all is the Lord's truth.

naam sunat darad dukh lathaa.
Hearing the Name pain and sorrow are removed.

naam kee mahimaa sant rid vasai.
The glory of the Name lives in the hearts of His saints.

sant partaap durat sabh nasai.
By the Saint's kind intervention, all guilt is dispelled.

sant kaa sang vadbhaagee paa-ee-ai.
The society of Saints is obtained by great good fortune.

sant kee sayvaa naam dhi-aa-ee-ai.
Serving the saint one meditates on the Naam.

naam tul kachh avar na ho-ay.
There is nothing equal to the Name (truth, reality).

Nanak gurmukh naam paavai jan ko-ay. ||8||2||
O Nanak, rare are those who as Gurmukh (Godwards), obtain the Name (truth).


baho saastar baho simritee paykhay sarab dhadhol.
The many shastras and simritees (scriptures), I have seen and searched through them all.

poojas naahee har haray Nanak naam amol. ||1||
They are not equal to the Lord, O Nanak the Lord's invaluable name (truth).


jaap taap gi-aan sabh dhi-aan.
Chanting and meditating, spiritual wisdom and all meditations.

khat saastar simrit vakhi-aan.
The six schools of philosophy and sermons on the scriptures.

jog abhi-aas karam Dharam kiri-aa.
The practice of yoga and righteous conduct.

sagal ti-aag ban maDhay firi-aa.
The renunciation of everything and wandering in the wilderness.

anik parkaar kee-ay baho jatnaa.
The performance of all sorts of works.

punn daan homay baho ratnaa.
Donations to charities and offerings of jewels to fire.

sareer kataa-ay homai kar raatee.
Cutting the body apart and making the pieces into fire offerings.

varat naym karai baho bhaatee.
Keeping fasts and making vows of all sorts.

nahee tul raam naam beechaar.
None of these are equal contemplation of the name of the Lord.

Nanak gurmukh naam japee-ai ik baar. ||1||
O Nanak, if as Gurmukh (Godwards), one chants the Name even once.

na-o khand parithmee firai chir jeevai.
You may roam the nine continents and live a very long life.

mahaa udaas tapeesar theevai.
You may become a great ascetic and master of meditation.

agan maahi homat paraan.
And burn yourself in fire.

kanik asav haivar bhoom daan.
You may give away gold, horses, elephants and land.

ni-ulee karam karai baho aasan.
You may practice inner cleansing and all sorts of yogic postures.

jain maarag sanjam at saadhan.
You may adopt the self-mortifying ways of the Jains and great spiritual disciplines.

nimakh nimakh kar sareer kataavai.
Piece by piece, you may cut your body apart.

ta-o bhee ha-umai mail na jaavai.
But even so, the pollution (conditioning) of your ego shall not depart.

har kay naam samsar kachh naahi.
There is nothing equal to the name of the Lord.

Nanak gurmukh naam japat gat paahi. ||2||
O Nanak, as Gurmukh (Godwards) chant the Name and obtain salvation.

man kaamnaa tirath dayh chhutai.
With your mind filled with desire, you may give up your body at a sacred shrine.

garab gumaan na man tay hutai.
But even so, ego pride shall not be removed from your mind.

soch karai dinas ar raat.
You may practice cleansing day and night.

man kee mail na tan tay jaat.
But the pollution (conditioning) of your mind shall not leave your body.

is dayhee ka-o baho saadhnaa karai.
You may subject your body to all sorts of disciplines.

man tay kabhoo na bikhi-aa tarai.
But your mind will never be rid of its conditioning.

jal dhovai baho dayh aneet.
You may wash this transitory body with loads of water.

sudh kahaa ho-ay kaachee bheet.
But how can a wall of mud be washed clean?

man har kay naam kee mahimaa ooch.
O my mind, praise of the Name of the Lord is the highest.

Nanak naam uDhray patit baho mooch. ||3||
O Nanak, the Name has saved so many of the worst sinners.

bahut si-aanap jam kaa bha-o bi-aapai.
Even with great cleverness, the fear of death clings to you.

anik jatan kar tarisan naa Dharaapai.
You try all sorts of things, but your thirst is still not satisfied.

bhaykh anayk agan nahee bujhai.
Wearing various religious robes, the fire is not extinguished.

kot upaav dargeh nahee sijhai.
Even making millions of efforts, you shall not be accepted in the Court of the Lord.

chhootas naahee oobh pa-i-aal.
You cannot escape to the heavens, or to the nether regions.

mohi bi-aapahi maa-i-aa jaal.
If you are entangled in the net of maya (illusion).

avar kartoot saglee jam daanai.
All other efforts are punished by the messenger of death.

govind bhajan bin til nahee maanai.
Which accepts nothing at all, except meditation on the Lord.

har kaa naam japat dukh jaa-ay.
Chanting the name of the Lord sorrow is dispelled.

Nanak bolai sahj subhaa-ay. ||4||
O Nanak, chant it with intuitive ease.

chaar padaarath jay ko maagai.
One who prays for the four cardinal blessings

saadh janaa kee sayvaa laagai.
Should commit himself to the service of the Saints.

jay ko aapunaa dookh mitaavai.
If you wish to erase your sorrows.

har har naam ridai sad gaavai.
Sing the Name of the Lord within your heart.

jay ko apunee sobhaa lorai.
If you yearn honor for yourself.

saadhsang ih ha-umai chhorai.
Then renounce your ego in the company of the holy.

jay ko janam maran tay darai.
If you fear the cycle of birth and death.

saadh janaa kee sarnee parai.
Then seek the sanctuary of the holy.

jis jan ka-o parabh daras pi-aasaa.
Those who thirst for the blessed of God's grace.

Nanak taa kai bal bal jaasaa. ||5||
Nanak is a sacrifice, a sacrifice to them.

sagal purakh meh purakh parDhaan.
Among all persons, the supreme person is the one.

saadhsang jaa kaa mitai abhimaan.
Who gives up his ego pride in the company of the holy.

aapas ka-o jo jaanai neechaa.
One who sees himself as lowly.

so-oo ganee-ai sabh tay oochaa.
Shall be counted as the highest of all.

jaa kaa man ho-ay sagal kee reenaa.
One who's mind is the dust of all (humble).

har har naam tin ghat ghat cheenaa.
Recognizes the name of the Lord in each and every heart.

man apunay tay buraa mitaanaa.
One who erases cruelty from his mind.

paykhai sagal sarisat saajnaa.
Looks upon all the world as his friend.

sookh dookh jan sam daristaytaa.
One who views pleasure and pain as one and same.

Nanak paap punn nahee laypaa. ||6||
O Nanak, is not affected by sin or virtue.

nirDhan ka-o Dhan tayro naa-o.
To the poor Your Name (truth) is wealth.

nithaavay ka-o naa-o tayraa thaa-o.
To the homeless Your Name (truth) is home.

nimaanay ka-o parabh tayro maan.
To the dishonored You O God are honor.

sagal ghataa ka-o dayvhu daan.
To all You are the giver of gifts.

karan karaavanhaar su-aamee.
O Cause of causes, Lord and Master.

sagal ghataa kay antarjaamee.
Inner-knower and Indweller of all hearts

apnee gat mit jaanhu aapay.
You alone know Your own condition and state.

aapan sang aap parabh raatay.
You Yourself, God, are imbued with Yourself.

tumHree ustat tum tay ho-ay.
You alone can celebrate Your Praises.

Nanak avar na jaanas ko-ay. ||7||
O Nanak, no one else knows.

sarab Dharam meh saraysat Dharam.
Of all paths to truth, the best path.

har ko naam jap nirmal karam.
Is to chant the Name of the Lord and engage in pure conduct.

sagal kir-aa meh ootam kiri-aa.
Of all rituals, the most sublime ritual.

saadhsang durmat mal hiri-aa.
Is to erase pollution of the polluted mind in the company of the holy.

sagal udam meh udam bhalaa.
Of all efforts, the best effort.

har kaa naam japahu jee-a sadaa.
Is to chant the name of the Lord in the heart forever.

sagal baanee meh amrit baanee.
Of all speech the sweetest speech.

har ko jas sun rasan bakhaanee.
Is to hear the Lord's Praise chanted.

sagal thaan tay oh ootam thaan.
Of all places, the most sublime place.

Nanak jih ghat vasai har naam. ||8||3||
O Nanak, is that heart in which the name of the Lord abides.


nirgunee-aar i-aani-aa so parabh sadaa samaal.
Lost in ignorance illusion, dwell upon God forever.

jin kee-aa tis cheet rakh Nanak nibhee naal. ||1||
Cherish in your heart the One who created you, O Nanak, He alone shall go along with you.


rama-ee-aa kay gun chayt paraanee.
Think of the glory of the All-pervading Lord, O mortal.

kavan mool tay kavan daristaanee.
What is your origin, and what is your appearance?

jin tooN saaj savaar seegaari-aa.
He who fashioned, adorned and decorated you.

garabh agan meh jineh ubaari-aa.
In the fire of the womb He preserved you.

baar bivasthaa tujheh pi-aarai doodh.
In your infancy He gave you milk to drink.

bhar joban bhojan sukh soodh.
In the flower of youth He gave you food, pleasure and understanding.

biradh bha-i-aa oopar saak sain. mukh api-aa-o baith ka-o dain.
As you grow old, family and friends are there to feed you as you rest.

ih nirgun gun kachhoo na boojhai.
This person has not appreciated all the good deeds done for him.

bakhas layho ta-o Nanak seejhai. ||1||
If you bless him with forgiveness, O Nanak, only then will he be saved.

jih parsaad dhar oopar sukh baseh.
By His grace, you abide in comfort upon earth.

sut bharaat meet banitaa sang haseh.
With your children, siblings, friends and spouse you laugh.

jih parsaad peeveh seetal jalaa.
By His grace, you drink in cool water.

sukh-daa-ee pavan paavak amulaa.
You have peaceful breezes and priceless fire.

jih parsaad bhogeh sabh rasaa.
By His grace, you enjoy all sorts of pleasures.

sagal samagree sang saath basaa.
You are provided with all the necessities of life.

deenay hasat paav karan naytar rasnaa.
He gave you hands, feet, ears, eyes and tongue.

tiseh ti-aag avar sang rachnaa.
And yet you forget Him and attach yourself to others.

aisay dokh moorh anDh bi-aapay.
Such mistakes cling to the blind.

Nanak kaadh layho parabh aapay.
Nanak uplift and save them God.

aad ant jo raakhanhaar.
From beginning to end He is our protector.

tis si-o pareet na karai gavaar.
And yet the ignorant do not give their love to Him.

ja kee seva nav nidh pavai.
Serving Him the nine treasures are obtained.

taa si-o moorhaa man nahee laavai.
And yet the foolish do not absorb their minds with Him.

jo thaakur sad sadaa hajooray.
Our Lord is ever-present forever and ever

taa ka-o andhaa jaanat dooray.
And yet the spiritually blind believe He is far away.

jaa kee tahal paavai dargeh maan.
In His service one obtains honor in the Court of the Lord.

tiseh bisaarai mugadh ajaan.
And yet the ignorant forget Him.

sadaa sadaa ih bhoolanhaar.
Forever and ever this person makes mistakes.

Nanak raakhanhaar apaar. ||3||
O Nanak, the infinite Lord is our saving grace.

ratan ti-aag ka-udee sang rachai.
Forsaking the jewel they are engrossed with a shell.

saach chhod jhooth sang machai.
They renounce Truth and embrace falsehood.

jo chhadnaa so asthir kar maanai.
That which passes away they believe to be permanent.

jo hovan so door paraanai.
That which is ever-present they believe to be far away.

chhod jaa-ay tis kaa saram karai.
They struggle for what they must eventually leave.

sang sahaa-ee tis parharai.
They turn away from the Lord who is always with them.

chandan layp utaarai dho-ay.
They wash off the sandalwood paste.

gardhab pareet bhasam sang ho-ay.
Like donkeys in love with mud.

andh koop meh patit bikraal.
They have fallen into the deep dark pit.

Nanak kaadh layho parabh da-i-aal.
Nanak, lift and save them o merciful God.

kartoot pasoo kee maanas jaat.
Being human they behave like animals.

lok pachaaraa karai din raat.
They curse others day and night.

baahar bhaykh antar mal maa-i-aa.
Outwardly they wear religious robes, but within the pollution of maya.

chhapas naahi kachh karai chhapaa-i-aa.
They cannot hide this no matter how hard they try.

baahar gi-aan dhi-aan isnaan.
Outwardly they display knowledge, meditation and purification.

antar bi-aapai lobh su-aan.
But within the dog of greed is overpowering.

antar agan baahar tan su-aah.
The fire of desire rages within, on the body they apply ashes.

gal paathar kaisay tarai athaah.
With a stone around their neck, how can they swim across the ocean?

jaa kai antar basai parabh aap.
They in whose heart God Himself abides.

Nanak tay jan sahj samaat. ||5||
O Nanak, those people are immersed in serenity.

sun andhaa kaisay maarag paavai.
By listening how can the blind find the path?

kar geh layho orh nibh aavai.
Take hold of his hand and he can reach his destination.

kahaa bujhaarat boojhai doraa.
How can a riddle be understood by the deaf?

nis kahee-ai ta-o samjhai bhoraa.
Say 'night' and he thinks you said 'day'.

kahaa bisanpad gaavai gung.
How can the mute sing songs of the Lord?

jatan karai ta-o bhee sur bhang.
He may try but his voice will fail him.

kah pingul parbat par bhavan.
How can a cripple climb a mountain?

nahee hot oohaa us gavan.
He simply cannot go there.

kartaar karunaa mai deen bayntee karai.
O Creator Lord of mercy your humble servant prays.

Nanak tumree kirpaa tarai. ||6||
Nanak by Your Grace, please save me.

sang sahaa-ee so aavai na cheet.
The Lord is always with us, but the mortal does not remember Him.

jo bairaa-ee taa si-o pareet.
He shows love to his enemies.

baloo-aa kay garih bheetar basai.
He lives in a castle of sand.

anad kayl maa-i-aa rang rasai.
He enjoys the games of pleasure and the tastes of maya.

darirh kar maanai maneh parteet.
He believes them permanent, this his mind believes.

kaal na aavai moorhay cheet.
Death does not come to mind for the ignorant.

bair birodh kaam krodh moh.
Hate, conflict, sexual desire, anger, emotional attachment.

jhooth bikaar mahaa lobh Dharoh.
Falsehood, corruption, immense greed and deceit.

i-aahoo jugat bihaanay ka-ee janam.
So many lifetimes are wasted in these ways.

Nanak raakh layho aapan kar karam.
Nanak, uplift and redeem them, O Lord show Your mercy.

too thaakur tum peh ardaas.
You are our Lord and Master; to You I offer this prayer.

jee-o pind sabh tayree raas.
This body and soul are all Your property.

tum maat pitaa ham baarik tayray.
You are our mother and father, we are Your children.

tumree kirpaa meh sookh ghanayray.
In Your grace there are so many joys.

ko-ay na jaanai tumraa ant.
No one knows Your limits.

oochay tay oochaa bhagvant.
O highest of the high most generous God.

sagal samagree tumrai sutir Dhaaree.
All creation is strung on Your thread.

tum tay ho-ay so aagi-aakaaree.
That which has come from You is under Your command.

tumree gat mit tum hee jaanee.
You alone know Your state and extent.

Nanak daas sadaa kurbaanee. ||8||4||
Nanak, Your slave is forever a sacrifice.


daynhaar parabh chhod kai laageh aan su-aa-ay.
One who renounces God and attaches himself to other affairs.

Nanak kahoo na seejh-ee bin naavai pat jaa-ay. ||1||
O Nanak, he shall never succeed. Without the Name he shall lose honor.


das bastoo lay paachhai paavai.
He obtains ten things and puts them behind him.

ayk basat kaaran bikhot gavaavai.
For one thing withheld, he gives up his faith.

ayk bhee na day-ay das bhee hir lay-ay.
But what if that one thing were not given, and the ten were taken away?

ta-o moorhaa kaho kahaa karay-i.
Then, what could the ignorant say or do?

jis thaakur si-o naahee chaaraa.
Our Lord cannot be moved by force.

taa ka-o keejai sad namaskaaraa.
Unto Him bow forever in adoration.

jaa kai man laagaa parabh meethaa.
That one to who's mind God seems sweet.

sarab sookh taahoo man voothaa.
All pleasures come to abide in his mind.

jis jan apnaa hukam manaa-i-aa.
One who abides by the Lord's will.

sarab thok Nanak tin paa-i-aa. ||1||
O Nanak, obtains all things.

agnat saahu apnee day raas.
God the banker gives endless capital to the mortal.

khaat peet bartai anad ulaas.
Who eats, drinks and expends it with pleasure and joy.

apunee amaan kachh bahur saahu lay-ay.
If some capital is taken back by the banker.

agi-aanee man ros karay-i.
The ignorant person's mind becomes angry.

apnee parteet aap hee khovai.
He himself destroys his own credibility.

bahur us kaa bisvaas na hovai.
And shall not be trusted again.

jis kee basat tis aagai raakhai.
When one offers to the Lord that which belongs to the Lord.

parabh kee aagi-aa maanai maathai.
And willingly abides by the will of God's order.

us tay cha-ugun karai nihaal.
The Lord will make him happy four-fold.

Nanak saahib sadaa da-i-aal. ||2||
O Nanak, our Lord is merciful forever.

anik bhaat maa-i-aa kay hayt. sarpar hovat jaan anayt.
Many forms of attachment to maya shall pass away. Know they are transient.

birakh kee chhaa-i-aa si-o rang laavai.
People fall in love with the shade of the tree.

oh binsai uho man pachhutaavai.
And when it passes away, their mind feels regret.

jo deesai so chaalanhaar.
Whatever is seen shall pass away.

lapat rahi-o tah anDh anDhaar.
And yet the blindest of blind cling to it.

bataa-oo si-o jo laavai nayh.
One who gives her love to a passing traveler.

taa ka-o haath na aavai kayh.
Nothing shall come into her hands in this way.

man har kay naam kee pareet sukh-daa-ee.
O mind, the love of the Name of the Lord bestows peace.

kar kirpaa Nanak aap la-ay laa-ee. ||3||
O Nanak, the Lord, in His mercy unites us with Himself.

mithi-aa tan Dhan kutamb sabaa-i-aa.
False are body, wealth, and all relations.

mithi-aa ha-umai mamtaa maa-i-aa.
False are ego, possessiveness and Maya.

mithi-aa raaj joban Dhan maal.
False are power, youth, wealth and property.

mithi-aa kaam kroDh bikraal.
False are sexual desire and wild anger.

mithi-aa rath hastee asav bastaraa.
False are chariots, elephants, horses and expensive clothes.

mithi-aa rang sang maa-i-aa paykh hastaa.
False is the love of gathering wealth, and reveling in the sight of it.

mithi-aa Dharoh moh abhimaan.
False are deception, emotional attachment and egotistical pride.

mithi-aa aapas oopar karat gumaan.
False are pride and self-conceit.

asthir bhagat saadh kee saran.
Only devotional worship is permanent, and the Sanctuary of the Holy.

Nanak jap jap jeevai har kay charan. ||4||
Nanak lives by meditating, meditating on the Lotus Feet of the Lord.

mithi-aa sarvan par nindaa suneh.
False are the ears which listen to the slander of others.

mithi-aa hasat par darab ka-o hireh.
False are the hands which steal the wealth of others.

mithi-aa naytar paykhat par tari-a roopaad.
False are the eyes which gaze upon the beauty of another's wife.

mithi-aa rasnaa bhojan an savaad.
False is the tongue which enjoys delicacies and external tastes.

mithi-aa charan par bikaar ka-o Dhaaveh.
False are the feet which run to do evil to others.

mithi-aa man par lobh lubhaaveh.
False is the mind which covets the wealth of others.

mithi-aa tan nahee par-upkaaraa.
False is the body which does not do good to others.

mithi-aa baas layt bikaaraa.
False is the nose which inhales corruption.

bin boojhay mithi-aa sabh bha-ay.
Without understanding, everything is false.

safal dayh Nanak har har naam la-ay. ||5||
Fruitful is the body, O Nanak, which takes to the Lord's Name.

birthee saakat kee aarjaa.
The life of the faithless cynic is totally useless.

saach binaa kah hovat soochaa.
Without the Truth how can anyone be pure?

birthaa naam binaa tan andh.
Useless is the body of the spiritually blind without the name of the Lord.

mukh aavat taa kai durgandh.
From his mouth, a foul smell issues forth.

bin simran din rain baritha bihaa-ay.
Without remembrance of the Lord, day and night pass in vain.

maygh binaa ji-o khaytee jaa-ay.
Like the crop which withers without rain.

gobid bhajan bin barithay sabh kaam.
Without meditation on the Lord all works are in vain.

ji-o kirpan kay niraarath daam.
Like the wealth of a miser, which lies useless.

Dhan Dhan tay jan jih ghat basi-o har naa-o.
Blessed, blessed are those, whose hearts are filled with the name of the Lord.

Nanak taa kai bal bal jaa-o. ||6||
Nanak is a sacrifice, a sacrifice to them.

rahat avar kachh avar kamaavat.
He says one thing, and does something else.

man nahee pareet mukhahu gandh laavat.
There is no love in his heart, and yet with his mouth he talks tall.

jaananhaar parabhoo parbeen.
The Omniscient Lord is the knower of all.

baahar bhaykh na kaahoo bheen.
He is not impressed by outward display.

avar updaysai aap na karai.
One who does not practice what he preaches to others.

aavat jaavat janmai marai.
Shall come and go reincarnating, through birth and death.

jis kai antar basai nirankaar.
One whose inner being is filled with the formless Lord.

tis kee seekh tarai sansaar.
By his teachings the world is saved.

jo tum bhaanay tin parabh jaataa.
Those who are pleasing to You, God, know You.

Nanak un jan charan paraataa. ||7||
Nanak falls at their feet.

kara-o bayntee paarbarahm sabh jaanai.
Offer your prayers to the Supreme Lord who knows everything.

apnaa kee-aa aapeh maanai.
He Himself values His own creatures.

aapeh aap aap karat nibayraa.
He Himself, by Himself, makes the decisions.

kisai door janaavat kisai bujhaavat nayraa.
To some He appears far away, while others perceive Him near at hand.

upaav si-aanap sagal tay rahat.
He is beyond all efforts and clever tricks.

sabh kachh jaanai aatam kee rahat.
He knows all the ways and means of the soul.

jis bhaavai tis la-ay larh laa-ay.
Those with whom He is pleased are attached to the hem of His robe.

thaan thanantar rahi-aa samaa-ay.
He is pervading all places everywhere.

so sayvak jis kirpaa karee.
Those upon whom He bestows His favor become His servants.

nimakh nimakh jap Nanak haree. ||8||5||
Each and every moment O Nanak, meditate on the Lord.


kaam kroDh ar lobh moh binas jaa-ay ahaNmayv.
Sexual desire, anger, greed and emotional attachment, may these be gone, and ego too.

Nanak parabh sarnaagatee kar parsaad gurdayv. ||1||
Nanak seeks the Sanctuary of God; please bless me with Your grace, O divine Guru.


jih parsaad chhateeh amrit khaahi.

tis thaakur ka-o rakh man maahi.
enshrine that Lord and Master within your mind.

jih parsaad suganDhat tan laaveh.

tis ka-o simrat param gat paavahi.
remembering Him, the supreme status is obtained.

jih parsaad baseh sukh mandar.

tiseh Dhi-aa-ay sadaa man andar.
meditate forever on Him within your mind.

jih parsaad garih sang sukh basnaa.

aath pahar simrahu tis rasnaa.
keep His remembrance upon your tongue, twenty-four hours a day.

jih parsaad rang ras bhog.

Nanak sadaa Dhi-aa-ee-ai Dhi-aavan jog. ||1||
O Nanak, meditate forever on the One, who is worthy of meditation.

jih parsaad paat patambar hadhaaveh.

tiseh ti-aag kat avar lubhaaveh.

jih parsaad sukh sayj so-eejai.

man aath pahar taa kaa jas gaaveejai.
O my mind, sing His Praises, twenty-four hours a day.

jih parsaad tujh sabh ko-oo maanai.

mukh taa ko jas rasan bakhaanai.
with your mouth and with your tongue, chant His Praises.

jih parsaad tayro rahtaa Dharam.

man sadaa Dhi-aa-ay kayval paarbarahm.
O mind, meditate continually on the Supreme Lord God.

parabh jee japat dargeh maan paavahi.

Nanak pat saytee ghar jaaveh. ||2||
O Nanak, you shall return to your true home with honor.

jih parsaad aarog kanchan dayhee.

liv laavhu tis raam sanayhee.
attune yourself to that Loving Lord.

jih parsaad tayraa olaa rahat.

man sukh paavahi har har jas kahat.
O mind, chant the Praises of the Lord, Har, Har, and find peace.

jih parsaad tayray sagal chhidar dhaakay.

man sarnee par thaakur parabh taa kai.
O mind, seek the Sanctuary of God, our Lord and Master.

jih parsaad tujh ko na pahoochai.

man saas saas simrahu parabh oochay.
O mind, with each and every breath, remember God on High.

jih parsaad paa-ee darulabh dayh.

Nanak taa kee bhagat karayh. ||3||
O Nanak, worship Him with devotion.

jih parsaad aabhookhan pehreejai.

man tis simrat ki-o aalas keejai.

jih parsaad asav hasat asvaaree.

man tis parabh ka-o kabhoo na bisaaree.
O mind, never forget that God.

jih parsaad baag milakh Dhanaa.

raakh paro-ay parabh apunay manaa.
keep God enshrined in your heart.

jin tayree man banat banaa-ee.

oothat baithat sad tiseh Dhi-aa-ee.
standing up and sitting down, meditate always on Him.

tiseh Dhi-aa-ay jo ayk alkhai.

eehaa oohaa Nanak tayree rakhai. ||4||
here and hereafter, O Nanak, He shall save you.

jih parsaad karahi punn baho daan.

man aath pahar kar tis kaa Dhi-aan.
O mind, meditate on Him, twenty-four hours a day.

jih parsaad too aachaar bi-uhaaree.

tis parabh ka-o saas saas chitaaree.
think of God with each and every breath.

jih parsaad tayraa sundar roop.

so parabh simrahu sadaa anoop.
constantly remember God, the Incomparably Beautiful One.

jih parsaad tayree neekee jaat.

so parabh simar sadaa din raat.
remember God always, day and night.

jih parsaad tayree pat rahai.

gur parsaad Nanak jas kahai. ||5||
by Guru's Grace, O Nanak, chant His Praises.

jih parsaad suneh karan naad.
By His Grace, you listen to the sound current of the Naad.

jih parsaad paykheh bismaad.
By His Grace, you behold amazing wonders.

jih parsaad boleh amrit rasnaa.
By His Grace, you speak ambrosial words with your tongue.

jih parsaad sukh sehjay basnaa.
By His Grace, you abide in peace and ease.

jih parsaad hasat kar chaleh.
By His Grace, your hands move and work.

jih parsaad sampooran faleh.
By His Grace, you are completely fulfilled.

jih parsaad param gat paavahi.
By His Grace, you obtain the supreme status.

jih parsaad sukh sahj samaaveh.
By His Grace, you are absorbed into celestial peace.

aisaa parabh ti-aag avar kat laagahu.

gur parsaad Nanak man jaagahu.

jih parsaad tooN pargat sansaar.

tis parabh ka-o mool na manhu bisaar.
never forget God from your mind.

jih parsaad tayraa partaap.

ray man moorh too taa ka-o jaap.

jih parsaad tayray kaaraj pooray.

tiseh jaan man sadaa hajooray.
O mind, know Him to be close at hand.

jih parsaad tooN paavahi saach.

ray man mayray tooN taa si-o raach.
O my mind, merge yourself into Him.

jih parsaad sabh kee gat ho-ay.

Nanak jaap japai jap so-ay. ||7||
O Nanak, meditate, and chant His Chant.

aap japaa-ay japai so naa-o.
Those, whom He inspires to chant, chant His Name.

aap gaavaa-ai so har gun gaa-o.
Those, whom He inspires to sing, sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord.

parabh kirpaa tay ho-ay pargaas.
By God's Grace, enlightenment comes.

parabhoo da-i-aa tay kamal bigaas.
By God's Kind Mercy, the heart-lotus blossoms forth.

parabh suparsan basai man so-ay.
When God is totally pleased, He comes to dwell in the mind.

parabh da-i-aa tay mat ootam ho-ay.
By God's Kind Mercy, the intellect is exalted.

sarab niDhaan parabh tayree ma-i-aa.
All treasures, O Lord, come by Your Kind Mercy.

aaphu kachhoo na kinhoo la-i-aa.
No one obtains anything by himself.

jit jit laavhu tit lageh har naath.
As You have delegated, so do we apply ourselves, O Lord and Master.

Nanak in kai kachhoo na haath. ||8||6||
O Nanak, nothing is in our hands.


agam agaaDh paarbarahm so-ay.

jo jo kahai so muktaa ho-ay.
whoever speaks of Him shall be liberated.

sun meetaa Nanak binvantaa.
saadh janaa kee achraj kathaa. ||1||
Listen, O friends, Nanak prays, to the wonderful story of the Holy.


saadh kai sang mukh oojal hot.
In the Company of the Holy, one's face becomes radiant.

saadhsang mal saglee khot.
In the Company of the Holy, all filth is removed.

saadh kai sang mitai abhimaan.
In the Company of the Holy, egotism is eliminated.

saadh kai sang pargatai sugi-aan.
In the Company of the Holy, spiritual wisdom is revealed.

saadh kai sang bujhai parabh nayraa.
In the Company of the Holy, God is understood to be near at hand.

saadhsang sabh hot nibayraa.
In the Company of the Holy, all conflicts are settled.

saadh kai sang paa-ay naam ratan.
In the Company of the Holy, one obtains the jewel of the Naam.

saadh kai sang ayk oopar jatan.
In the Company of the Holy, one's efforts are directed toward the One Lord.

saadh kee mahimaa barnai ka-un paraanee.

Nanak saadh kee sobhaa parabh maahi samaanee. ||1||
O Nanak, the glory of the Holy people merges into God.

saadh kai sang agochar milai.
In the Company of the Holy, one meets the Incomprehensible Lord.

saadh kai sang sadaa parfulai.
In the Company of the Holy, one flourishes forever.

saadh kai sang aavahi bas panchaa.
In the Company of the Holy, the five passions are brought to rest.

saadhsang amrit ras bhunchaa.
In the Company of the Holy, one enjoys the essence of ambrosia.

saadhsang ho-ay sabh kee rayn.
In the Company of the Holy, one becomes the dust of all.

saadh kai sang manohar bain.
In the Company of the Holy, one's speech is enticing.

saadh kai sang na katahooN Dhaavai.
In the Company of the Holy, the mind does not wander.

saadhsang asthit man paavai.
In the Company of the Holy, the mind becomes stable.

saadh kai sang maa-i-aa tay bhinn.
In the Company of the Holy, one is rid of Maya.

saadhsang Nanak parabh suparsan. ||2||
In the Company of the Holy, O Nanak, God is totally pleased.

saadhsang dusman sabh meet.
In the Company of the Holy, all one's enemies become friends.

saadhoo kai sang mahaa puneet.
In the Company of the Holy, there is great purity.

saadhsang kis si-o nahee bair.
In the Company of the Holy, no one is hated.

saadh kai sang na beegaa pair.
In the Company of the Holy, one's feet do not wander.

saadh kai sang naahee ko mandaa.
In the Company of the Holy, no one seems evil.

saadhsang jaanay parmaanandaa.
In the Company of the Holy, supreme bliss is known.

saadh kai sang naahee ha-o taap.
In the Company of the Holy, the fever of ego departs.

saadh kai sang tajai sabh aap.
In the Company of the Holy, one renounces all selfishness.

aapay jaanai saadh badaa-ee.
He Himself knows the greatness of the Holy.

Nanak saadh parabhoo ban aa-ee. ||3||
O Nanak, the Holy are at one with God.

saadh kai sang na kabhoo Dhaavai.
In the Company of the Holy, the mind never wanders.

saadh kai sang sadaa sukh paavai.
In the Company of the Holy, one obtains everlasting peace.

saadhsang basat agochar lahai.
In the Company of the Holy, one grasps the Incomprehensible.

saadhoo kai sang ajar sahai.
In the Company of the Holy, one can endure the unendurable.

saadh kai sang basai thaan oochai.
In the Company of the Holy, one abides in the loftiest place.

saadhoo kai sang mahal pahoochai.
In the Company of the Holy, one attains the Mansion of the Lord's Presence.

saadh kai sang darirhai sabh Dharam.
In the Company of the Holy, one's Dharmic faith is firmly established.

saadh kai sang kayval paarbarahm.
In the Company of the Holy, one dwells with the Supreme Lord God.

saadh kai sang paa-ay naam niDhaan.
In the Company of the Holy, one obtains the treasure of the Naam.

Nanak saadhoo kai kurbaan. ||4||
O Nanak, I am a sacrifice to the Holy.

saadh kai sang sabh kul uDhaarai.
In the Company of the Holy, all one's family is saved.

saadhsang saajan meet kutamb nistaarai.
In the Company of the Holy, one's friends, acquaintances and relatives are redeemed.

saadhoo kai sang so Dhan paavai.
In the Company of the Holy, that wealth is obtained.

jis Dhan tay sabh ko varsaavai.
Everyone benefits from that wealth.

saadhsang Dharam raa-ay karay sayvaa.
In the Company of the Holy, the Lord of Dharma serves.

saadh kai sang sobhaa surdayvaa.
In the Company of the Holy, the divine, angelic beings sing God's Praises.

saadhoo kai sang paap palaa-in.
In the Company of the Holy, one's sins fly away.

saadhsang amrit gun gaa-in.
In the Company of the Holy, one sings the Ambrosial Glories.

saadh kai sang sarab thaan gamm.
In the Company of the Holy, all places are within reach.

Nanak saadh kai sang safal jannam. ||5||
O Nanak, in the Company of the Holy, one's life becomes fruitful.

saadh kai sang nahee kachh ghaal.
In the Company of the Holy, there is no suffering.

darsan bhaytat hot nihaal.
The Blessed Vision of their Darshan brings a sublime, happy peace.

saadh kai sang kalookhat harai.
In the Company of the Holy, blemishes are removed.

saadh kai sang narak parharai.
In the Company of the Holy, hell is far away.

saadh kai sang eehaa oohaa suhaylaa.
In the Company of the Holy, one is happy here and hereafter.

saadhsang bichhurat har maylaa.
In the Company of the Holy, the separated ones are reunited with the Lord.

jo ichhai so-ee fal paavai.
The fruits of one's desires are obtained.

saadh kai sang na birthaa jaavai.
In the Company of the Holy, no one goes empty-handed.

paarbarahm saadh rid basai.
The Supreme Lord God dwells in the hearts of the Holy.

Nanak uDhrai saadh sun rasai. ||6||
O Nanak, listening to the sweet words of the Holy, one is saved.

saadh kai sang sun-o har naa-o.
In the Company of the Holy, listen to the Name of the Lord.

saadhsang har kay gun gaa-o.
In the Company of the Holy, sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord.

saadh kai sang na man tay bisrai.
In the Company of the Holy, do not forget Him from your mind.

saadhsang sarpar nistarai.
In the Company of the Holy, you shall surely be saved.

saadh kai sang lagai parabh meethaa.
In the Company of the Holy, God seems very sweet.

saadhoo kai sang ghat ghat deethaa.
In the Company of the Holy, He is seen in each and every heart.

saadhsang bha-ay aagi-aakaaree.
In the Company of the Holy, we become obedient to the Lord.

saadhsang gat bha-ee hamaaree.
In the Company of the Holy, we obtain the state of salvation.

saadh kai sang mitay sabh rog.
In the Company of the Holy, all diseases are cured.

Nanak saadh bhaytay sanjog. ||7||
O Nanak, one meets with the Holy, by highest destiny.

saadh kee mahimaa bayd na jaaneh.
The glory of the Holy people is not known to the Vedas.

jaytaa suneh taytaa bakhi-aaneh.
They can describe only what they have heard.

saadh kee upmaa tihu gun tay door.
The greatness of the Holy people is beyond the three qualities.

saadh kee upmaa rahee bharpoor.
The greatness of the Holy people is all-pervading.

saadh kee sobhaa kaa naahee ant.
The glory of the Holy people has no limit.

saadh kee sobhaa sadaa bay-ant.
The glory of the Holy people is infinite and eternal.

saadh kee sobhaa ooch tay oochee.
The glory of the Holy people is the highest of the high.

saadh kee sobhaa mooch tay moochee.
The glory of the Holy people is the greatest of the great.

saadh kee sobhaa saadh ban aa-ee.

Nanak saadh parabh bhayd na bhaa-ee. ||8||7||
O Nanak, there is no difference between the Holy people and God.


man saachaa mukh saachaa so-ay.
The True One is on his mind, and the True One is upon his lips.

avar na paykhai aykas bin ko-ay.
He sees only the One.

Nanak ih lachhan barahm gi-aanee ho-ay. ||1||
O Nanak, these are the qualities of the God-conscious being.


barahm gi-aanee sadaa nirlayp.

jaisay jal meh kamal alayp.
as the lotus in the water remains detached.

barahm gi-aanee sadaa nirdokh.

jaisay soor sarab ka-o sokh.
like the sun, which gives its comfort and warmth to all.

barahm gi-aanee kai darisat samaan.

jaisay raaj rank ka-o laagai tul pavaan.
like the wind, which blows equally upon the king and the poor beggar.

barahm gi-aanee kai Dheeraj ayk.

ji-o basuDhaa ko-oo khodai ko-oo chandan layp.
like the earth, which is dug up by one, and anointed with sandal paste by another.

barahm gi-aanee kaa ihai gunaa-o.

Nanak ji-o paavak kaa sahj subhaa-o. ||1||
O Nanak, his inherent nature is like a warming fire.

barahm gi-aanee nirmal tay nirmalaa.

jaisay mail na laagai jalaa.
filth does not stick to water.

barahm gi-aanee kai man ho-ay pargaas.

jaisay Dhar oopar aakaas.
like the sky above the earth.

barahm gi-aanee kai mitar satar samaan.
To the God-conscious being, friend and foe are the same.

barahm gi-aanee kai naahee abhimaan.
The God-conscious being has no egotistical pride.

barahm gi-aanee ooch tay oochaa.
The God-conscious being is the highest of the high.

man apnai hai sabh tay neechaa.
Within his own mind, he is the most humble of all.

barahm gi-aanee say jan bha-ay.

Nanak jin parabh aap karay-i. ||2||
O Nanak, whom God Himself makes so.

barahm gi-aanee sagal kee reenaa.
The God-conscious being is the dust of all.

aatam ras barahm gi-aanee cheenaa.
The God-conscious being knows the nature of the soul.

barahm gi-aanee kee sabh oopar ma-i-aa.
The God-conscious being shows kindness to all.

barahm gi-aanee tay kachh buraa na bha-i-aa.
No evil comes from the God-conscious being.

barahm gi-aanee sadaa samadrasee.
The God-conscious being is always impartial.

barahm gi-aanee kee darisat amrit barsee.
Nectar rains down from the glance of the God-conscious being.

barahm gi-aanee banDhan tay muktaa.
The God-conscious being is free from entanglements.

barahm gi-aanee kee nirmal jugtaa.
The lifestyle of the God-conscious being is spotlessly pure.

barahm gi-aanee kaa bhojan gi-aan.
Spiritual wisdom is the food of the God-conscious being.

Nanak barahm gi-aanee kaa barahm Dhi-aan. ||3||
O Nanak, the God-conscious being is absorbed in God's meditation.

barahm gi-aanee ayk oopar aas.
The God-conscious being centers his hopes on the One alone.

barahm gi-aanee kaa nahee binaas.
The God-conscious being shall never perish.

barahm gi-aanee kai gareebee samaahaa.
The God-conscious being is steeped in humility.

barahm gi-aanee par-upkaar omaahaa.
The God-conscious being delights in doing good to others.

barahm gi-aanee kai naahee DhanDhaa.
The God-conscious being has no worldly entanglements.

barahm gi-aanee lay Dhaavat banDhaa.
The God-conscious being holds his wandering mind under control.

barahm gi-aanee kai ho-ay so bhalaa.
The God-conscious being acts in the common good.

barahm gi-aanee sufal falaa.
The God-conscious being blossoms in fruitfulness.

barahm gi-aanee sang sagal uDhaar.
In the Company of the God-conscious being, all are saved.

Nanak barahm gi-aanee japai sagal sansaar. ||4||
O Nanak, through the God-conscious being, the whole world meditates on God.

barahm gi-aanee kai aykai rang.
The God-conscious being loves the One Lord alone.

barahm gi-aanee kai basai parabh sang.
The God-conscious being dwells with God.

barahm gi-aanee kai naam aaDhaar.
The God-conscious being takes the Naam as his Support.

barahm gi-aanee kai naam parvaar.
The God-conscious being has the Naam as his Family.

barahm gi-aanee sadaa sad jaagat.
The God-conscious being is awake and aware, forever and ever.

barahm gi-aanee ahaN-buDh ti-aagat.
The God-conscious being renounces his proud ego.

barahm gi-aanee kai man parmaanand.
In the mind of the God-conscious being, there is supreme bliss.

barahm gi-aanee kai ghar sadaa anand.
In the home of the God-conscious being, there is everlasting bliss.

barahm gi-aanee sukh sahj nivaas.
The God-conscious being dwells in peaceful ease.

Nanak barahm gi-aanee kaa nahee binaas. ||5||
O Nanak, the God-conscious being shall never perish.

barahm gi-aanee barahm kaa baytaa.
The God-conscious being knows God.

barahm gi-aanee ayk sang haytaa.
The God-conscious being is in love with the One alone.

barahm gi-aanee kai ho-ay achint.
The God-conscious being is carefree.

barahm gi-aanee kaa nirmal mant.
Pure are the Teachings of the God-conscious being.

barahm gi-aanee jis karai parabh aap.
The God-conscious being is made so by God Himself.

barahm gi-aanee kaa bad partaap.
The God-conscious being is gloriously great.

barahm gi-aanee kaa daras badbhaagee paa-ee-ai.
The Darshan, the Blessed Vision of the God-conscious being, is obtained by great good fortune.

barahm gi-aanee ka-o bal bal jaa-ee-ai.
To the God-conscious being, I make my life a sacrifice.

barahm gi-aanee ka-o khojeh mahaysur.
The God-conscious being is sought by the great god Shiva.

Nanak barahm gi-aanee aap parmaysur. ||6||
O Nanak, the God-conscious being is Himself the Supreme Lord God.

barahm gi-aanee kee keemat naahi.
The God-conscious being cannot be appraised.

barahm gi-aanee kai sagal man maahi.
The God-conscious being has all within his mind.

barahm gi-aanee kaa ka-un jaanai bhayd.

barahm gi-aanee ka-o sadaa adays.
Forever bow to the God-conscious being.

barahm gi-aanee kaa kathi-aa na jaa-ay aDhaakh-yar.
The God-conscious being cannot be described in words.

barahm gi-aanee sarab kaa thaakur.
The God-conscious being is the Lord and Master of all.

barahm gi-aanee kee mit ka-un bakhaanai.

barahm gi-aanee kee gat barahm gi-aanee jaanai.
Only the God-conscious being can know the state of the God- conscious being.

barahm gi-aanee kaa ant na paar.
The God-conscious being has no end or limitation.

Nanak barahm gi-aanee ka-o sadaa namaskaar. ||7||
O Nanak, to the God-conscious being, bow forever in reverence.

barahm gi-aanee sabh sarisat kaa kartaa.
The God-conscious being is the Creator of all the world.

barahm gi-aanee sad jeevai nahee martaa.
The God-conscious being lives forever, and does not die.

barahm gi-aanee mukat jugat jee-a kaa daataa.
The God-conscious being is the Giver of the way of liberation of the soul.

barahm gi-aanee pooran purakh biDhaataa.
The God-conscious being is the Perfect Supreme Being, who orchestrates all.

barahm gi-aanee anaath kaa naath.
The God-conscious being is the helper of the helpless.

barahm gi-aanee kaa sabh oopar haath.
The God-conscious being extends his hand to all.

barahm gi-aanee kaa sagal akaar.
The God-conscious being owns the entire creation.

barahm gi-aanee aap nirankaar.
The God-conscious being is himself the Formless Lord.

barahm gi-aanee kee sobhaa barahm gi-aanee banee.
The glory of the God-conscious being belongs to the God-conscious being alone.

Nanak barahm gi-aanee sarab kaa Dhanee. ||8||8||
O Nanak, the God-conscious being is the Lord of all.


ur Dhaarai jo antar naam.

sarab mai paykhai bhagvaan.

nimakh nimakh thaakur namaskaarai.

Nanak oh apras sagal nistaarai. ||1||
O Nanak, such a one is the true 'touch-nothing Saint', who emancipates everyone.


mithi-aa naahee rasnaa paras.

man meh pareet niranjan daras.

par tari-a roop na paykhai naytar.

saadh kee tahal satsang hayt.

karan na sunai kaahoo kee nindaa.

sabh tay jaanai aapas ka-o mandaa.

gur parsaad bikhi-aa parharai.

man kee baasnaa man tay tarai.

indree jit panch dokh tay rahat.

Nanak kot maDhay ko aisaa apras. ||1||
O Nanak, among millions, there is scarcely one such 'touch-nothing Saint'.

baisno so jis oopar suparsan.
The true Vaishnaav, the devotee of Vishnu, is the one with whom God is thoroughly pleased.

bisan kee maa-i-aa tay ho-ay bhinn.
He dwells apart from Maya.

karam karat hovai nihkaram.
Performing good deeds, he does not seek rewards.

tis baisno kaa nirmal Dharam.

kaahoo fal kee ichhaa nahee baachhai.
he has no desire for the fruits of his labors.

kayval bhagat keertan sang raachai.
He is absorbed in devotional worship and the singing of Kirtan, the songs of the Lord's Glory.

man tan antar simran gopaal.
Within his mind and body, he meditates in remembrance on the Lord of the Universe.

sabh oopar hovat kirpaal.
He is kind to all creatures.

aap darirhai avrah naam japaavai.
He holds fast to the Naam, and inspires others to chant it.

Nanak oh baisno param gat paavai. ||2||
O Nanak, such a Vaishnaav obtains the supreme status.

bhag-utee bhagvant bhagat kaa rang.
The true Bhagaautee, the devotee of Adi Shakti, loves the devotional worship of God.

sagal ti-aagai dusat kaa sang.
He forsakes the company of all wicked people.

man tay binsai saglaa bharam.
All doubts are removed from his mind.

kar poojai sagal paarbarahm.
He performs devotional service to the Supreme Lord God in all.

saadhsang paapaa mal khovai.
In the Company of the Holy, the filth of sin is washed away.

tis bhag-utee kee mat ootam hovai.
The wisdom of such a Bhagaautee becomes supreme.

bhagvant kee tahal karai nit neet.
He constantly performs the service of the Supreme Lord God.

man tan arpai bisan pareet.
He dedicates his mind and body to the Love of God.

har kay charan hirdai basaavai.
The Lotus Feet of the Lord abide in his heart.

Nanak aisaa bhag-utee bhagvant ka-o paavai. ||3||
O Nanak, such a Bhagaautee attains the Lord God.

so pandit jo man parboDhai.
He is a true Pandit, a religious scholar, who instructs his own mind.

raam naam aatam meh soDhai.
He searches for the Lord's Name within his own soul.

raam naam saar ras peevai.
He drinks in the Exquisite Nectar of the Lord's Name.

us pandit kai updays jag jeevai.
By that Pandit's teachings, the world lives.

har kee kathaa hirdai basaavai.
He implants the Sermon of the Lord in his heart.

so pandit fir jon na aavai.
Such a Pandit is not cast into the womb of reincarnation again.

bayd puraan simrit boojhai mool.
He understands the fundamental essence of the Vedas, the Puraanas and the Simritees.

sookham meh jaanai asthool.
In the unmanifest, he sees the manifest world to exist.

chahu varnaa ka-o day updays.
He gives instruction to people of all castes and social classes.

Nanak us pandit ka-o sadaa adays. ||4||
O Nanak, to such a Pandit, I bow in salutation forever.

beej mantar sarab ko gi-aan.
The Beej Mantra, the Seed Mantra, is spiritual wisdom for everyone.

chahu varnaa meh japai ko-oo naam.
Anyone, from any class, may chant the Naam.

jo jo japai tis kee gat ho-ay.
Whoever chants it, is emancipated.

saadhsang paavai jan ko-ay.
And yet, rare are those who attain it, in the Company of the Holy.

kar kirpaa antar ur Dhaarai.
By His Grace, He enshrines it within.

pas parayt mughad paathar ka-o taarai.
Even beasts, ghosts and the stone-hearted are saved.

sarab rog kaa a-ukhad naam.
The Naam is the panacea, the remedy to cure all ills.

kali-aan roop mangal gun gaam.
Singing the Glory of God is the embodiment of bliss and emancipation.

kaahoo jugat kitai na paa-ee-ai Dharam.
It cannot be obtained by any religious rituals.

Nanak tis milai jis likhi-aa Dhur karam. ||5||
O Nanak, he alone obtains it, whose karma is so pre-ordained.

jis kai man paarbarahm kaa nivaas.

tis kaa naam sat raamdaas.
his name is truly Ram Das, the Lord's servant.

aatam raam tis nadree aa-i-aa.
He comes to have the Vision of the Lord, the Supreme Soul.

daas dasantan bhaa-ay tin paa-i-aa.
Deeming himself to be the slave of the Lord's slaves, he obtains it.

sadaa nikat nikat har jaan.
He knows the Lord to be Ever-present, close at hand.

so daas dargeh parvaan.
Such a servant is honored in the Court of the Lord.

apunay daas ka-o aap kirpaa karai.
To His servant, He Himself shows His Mercy.

tis daas ka-o sabh sojhee parai.
Such a servant understands everything.

sagal sang aatam udaas.
Amidst all, his soul is unattached.

aisee jugat Nanak raamdaas. ||6||
Such is the way, O Nanak, of the Lord's servant.

parabh kee aagi-aa aatam hitaavai.

jeevan mukat so-oo kahaavai.
is said to be Jivan Mukta, liberated while yet alive.

taisaa harakh taisaa us sog.
As is joy, so is sorrow to him.

sadaa anand tah nahee bi-og.
He is in eternal bliss, and is not separated from God.

taisaa suvran taisee us maatee.
As is gold, so is dust to him.

taisaa amrit taisee bikh khaatee.
As is ambrosial nectar, so is bitter poison to him.

taisaa maan taisaa abhimaan.
As is honor, so is dishonor.

taisaa rank taisaa raajaan.
As is the beggar, so is the king.

jo vartaa-ay saa-ee jugat.
Whatever God ordains, that is his way.

Nanak oh purakh kahee-ai jeevan mukat. ||7||
O Nanak, that being is known as Jivan Mukta.

paarbarahm kay saglay thaa-o.
All places belong to the Supreme Lord God.

jit jit ghar raakhai taisaa tin naa-o.
According to the homes in which they are placed, so are His creatures named.

aapay karan karaavan jog.
He Himself is the Doer, the Cause of causes.

parabh bhaavai so-ee fun hog.
Whatever pleases God, ultimately comes to pass.

pasri-o aap ho-ay anat tarang.
He Himself is All-pervading, in endless waves.

lakhay na jaahi paarbarahm kay rang.
The playful sport of the Supreme Lord God cannot be known.

jaisee mat day-ay taisaa pargaas.
As the understanding is given, so is one enlightened.

paarbarahm kartaa abinaas.
The Supreme Lord God, the Creator, is eternal and everlasting.

sadaa sadaa sadaa da-i-aal.
Forever, forever and ever, He is merciful.

simar simar Nanak bha-ay nihaal. ||8||9||
Remembering Him, remembering Him in meditation, O Nanak, one is blessed with ecstasy.


ustat karahi anayk jan ant na paaraavaar.
Many people praise the Lord.
He has no end or limitation.

Nanak rachnaa parabh rachee baho biDh anik parkaar. ||1||
O Nanak, God created the creation, with its many ways and various species.


ka-ee kot ho-ay poojaaree.
Many millions are His devotees.

ka-ee kot aachaar bi-uhaaree.
Many millions perform religious rituals and worldly duties.

ka-ee kot bha-ay tirath vaasee.
Many millions become dwellers at sacred shrines of pilgrimage.

ka-ee kot ban bharmeh udaasee.
Many millions wander as renunciates in the wilderness.

ka-ee kot bayd kay sarotay.
Many millions listen to the Vedas.

ka-ee kot tapeesur hotay.
Many millions become austere penitents.

ka-ee kot aatam Dhi-aan Dhaareh.
Many millions enshrine meditation within their souls.

ka-ee kot kab kaab beechaareh.
Many millions of poets contemplate Him through poetry.

ka-ee kot navtan naam Dhi-aavahi.
Many millions meditate on His eternally new Naam.

Nanak kartay kaa ant na paavahi. ||1||
O Nanak, none can find the limits of the Creator.

ka-ee kot bha-ay abhimaanee.
Many millions become self-centered.

ka-ee kot anDh agi-aanee.
Many millions are blinded by ignorance.

ka-ee kot kirpan kathor.
Many millions are stone-hearted misers.

ka-ee kot abhig aatam nikor.
Many millions are heartless, with dry, withered souls.

ka-ee kot par darab ka-o hireh.
Many millions steal the wealth of others.

ka-ee kot par dookhnaa karahi.
Many millions slander others.

ka-ee kot maa-i-aa saram maahi.
Many millions struggle in Maya.

ka-ee kot pardays bharmaahi.
Many millions wander in foreign lands.

jit jit laavhu tit tit lagnaa.
Whatever God attaches them to, with that they are engaged.

Nanak kartay kee jaanai kartaa rachnaa. ||2||
O Nanak, the Creator alone knows the workings of His creation.

ka-ee kot siDh jatee jogee.
Many millions are Siddhas, celibates and Yogis.

ka-ee kot raajay ras bhogee.
Many millions are kings, enjoying worldly pleasures.

ka-ee kot pankhee sarap upaa-ay.
Many millions of birds and snakes have been created.

ka-ee kot paathar birakh nipjaa-ay.
Many millions of stones and trees have been produced.

ka-ee kot pavan paanee baisantar.
Many millions are the winds, waters and fires.

ka-ee kot days bhoo mandal.
Many millions are the countries and realms of the world.

ka-ee kot sasee-ar soor nakh-yatar.
Many millions are the moons, suns and stars.

ka-ee kot dayv daanav indar sir chhatar.
Many millions are the demi-gods, demons and Indras, under their regal canopies.

sagal samagree apnai soot Dhaarai.
He has strung the entire creation upon His thread.

Nanak jis jis bhaavai tis tis nistaarai. ||3||
O Nanak, He emancipates those with whom He is pleased.

ka-ee kot raajas taamas saatak.
Many millions abide in heated activity, slothful darkness and peaceful light.

ka-ee kot bayd puraan simrit ar saasat.
Many millions are the Vedas, Puraanas, Simritees and Shaastras.

ka-ee kot kee-ay ratan samud.
Many millions are the pearls of the oceans.

ka-ee kot naanaa parkaar jant.
Many millions are the beings of so many descriptions.

ka-ee kot kee-ay chir jeevay.
Many millions are made long-lived.

ka-ee kot giree mayr suvran theevay.
Many millions of hills and mountains have been made of gold.

ka-ee kot jakh-y kinnar pisaach.
Many millions are the Yakhshas, the servants of the god of wealth, the Kinnars - the gods of celestial music, and the evil spirits of the Pisaach.

ka-ee kot bhoot parayt sookar marigaach.
Many millions are the evil nature-spirits, ghosts, pigs and tigers.

sabh tay nayrai sabhhoo tay door.

Nanak aap alipat rahi-aa bharpoor. ||4||
O Nanak, He Himself remains distinct, while yet pervading all.

ka-ee kot paataal kay vaasee.
Many millions inhabit the nether regions.

ka-ee kot narak surag nivaasee.
Many millions dwell in heaven and hell.

ka-ee kot janmeh jeeveh mareh.
Many millions are born, live and die.

ka-ee kot baho jonee fireh.
Many millions are reincarnated, over and over again.

ka-ee kot baithat hee khaahi.
Many millions eat while sitting at ease.

ka-ee kot ghaaleh thak paahi.
Many millions are exhausted by their labors.

ka-ee kot kee-ay Dhanvant.
Many millions are created wealthy.

ka-ee kot maa-i-aa meh chint.
Many millions are anxiously involved in Maya.

jah jah bhaanaa tah tah raakhay.
Wherever He wills, there He keeps us.

Nanak sabh kichh parabh kai haathay. ||5||
O Nanak, everything is in the Hands of God.

ka-ee kot bha-ay bairaagee.
Many millions become Bairaagees, who renounce the world.

raam naam sang tin liv laagee.
They have attached themselves to the Lord's Name.

ka-ee kot parabh ka-o khojantay.
Many millions are searching for God.

aatam meh paarbarahm lahantay.
Within their souls, they find the Supreme Lord God.

ka-ee kot darsan parabh pi-aas.
Many millions thirst for the Blessing of God's Darshan.

tin ka-o mili-o parabh abinaas.
They meet with God, the Eternal.

ka-ee kot maageh satsang.
Many millions pray for the Society of the Saints.

paarbarahm tin laagaa rang.
They are imbued with the Love of the Supreme Lord God.

jin ka-o ho-ay aap suparsan.

Nanak tay jan sadaa Dhan Dhan. ||6||
O Nanak, are blessed, forever blessed.

ka-ee kot khaanee ar khand.
Many millions are the fields of creation and the galaxies.

ka-ee kot akaas barahmand.
Many millions are the etheric skies and the solar systems.

ka-ee kot ho-ay avtaar.
Many millions are the divine incarnations.

ka-ee jugat keeno bisthaar.
In so many ways, He has unfolded Himself.

ka-ee baar pasri-o paasaar.
So many times, He has expanded His expansion.

sadaa sadaa ik aykankaar.
Forever and ever, He is the One, the One Universal Creator.

ka-ee kot keenay baho bhaat.
Many millions are created in various forms.

parabh tay ho-ay parabh maahi samaat.
From God they emanate, and into God they merge once again.

taa kaa ant na jaanai ko-ay.
His limits are not known to anyone.

aapay aap Nanak parabh so-ay. ||7||
Of Himself, and by Himself, O Nanak, God exists.

ka-ee kot paarbarahm kay daas.
Many millions are the servants of the Supreme Lord God.

tin hovat aatam pargaas.
Their souls are enlightened.

ka-ee kot tat kay baytay.
Many millions know the essence of reality.

sadaa nihaarahi ayko naytaray.
Their eyes gaze forever on the One alone.

ka-ee kot naam ras peeveh.
Many millions drink in the essence of the Naam.

amar bha-ay sad sad hee jeeveh.
They become immortal; they live forever and ever.

ka-ee kot naam gun gaavahi.
Many millions sing the Glorious Praises of the Naam.

aatam ras sukh sahj samaaveh.
They are absorbed in intuitive peace and pleasure.

apunay jan ka-o saas saas samaaray.
He remembers His servants with each and every breath.

Nanak o-ay parmaysur kay pi-aaray. ||8||10||
O Nanak, they are the beloveds of the Transcendent Lord God.


karan kaaran parabh ayk hai doosar naahee ko-ay.
God alone is the Doer of deeds, there is no other at all.

Nanak tis balihaarnai jal thal mahee-al so-ay. ||1||
O Nanak, I am a sacrifice to the One, who pervades the waters, the lands, the sky and all space.


karan karaavan karnai jog.
The Doer, the Cause of causes, is potent to do anything.

jo tis bhaavai so-ee hog.
That which pleases Him, comes to pass.

khin meh thaap uthaapanhaaraa.
In an instant, He creates and destroys.

ant nahee kichh paaraavaaraa.
He has no end or limitation.

hukmay Dhaar aDhar rahaavai.
By His Order, He established the earth, and He maintains it unsupported.

hukmay upjai hukam samaavai.
By His Order, the world was created; by His Order, it shall merge again into Him.

hukmay ooch neech bi-uhaar.
By His Order, one's occupation is high or low.

hukmay anik rang parkaar.
By His Order, there are so many colors and forms.

kar kar daykhai apnee vadi-aa-ee.
Having created the Creation, He beholds His own greatness.

Nanak sabh meh rahi-aa samaa-ee. ||1||
O Nanak, He is pervading in all.

parabh bhaavai maanukh gat paavai.
If it pleases God, one attains salvation.

parabh bhaavai taa paathar taraavai.
If it pleases God, then even stones can swim.

parabh bhaavai bin saas tay raakhai.
If it pleases God, the body is preserved, even without the breath of life.

parabh bhaavai taa har gun bhaakhai.
If it pleases God, then one chants the Lord's Glorious Praises.

parabh bhaavai taa patit uDhaarai.
If it pleases God, then even sinners are saved.

aap karai aapan beechaarai.
He Himself acts, and He Himself contemplates.

duhaa siri-aa kaa aap su-aamee.
He Himself is the Master of both worlds.

khaylai bigsai antarjaamee.
He plays and He enjoys; He is the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts.

jo bhaavai so kaar karaavai.
As He wills, He causes actions to be done.

Nanak daristee avar na aavai. ||2||
Nanak sees no other than Him.

kaho maanukh tay ki-aa ho-ay aavai.

jo tis bhaavai so-ee karaavai.
Whatever pleases God is what He causes us to do.

is kai haath ho-ay taa sabh kichh lay-ay.
If it were in our hands, we would grab up everything.

jo tis bhaavai so-ee karay-i.
Whatever pleases God, that is what He does.

anjaanat bikhi-aa meh rachai.
Through ignorance, people are engrossed in corruption.

jay jaanat aapan aap bachai.
If they knew better, they would save themselves.

bharmay bhoolaa dah dis Dhaavai.
Deluded by doubt, they wander around in the ten directions.

nimakh maahi chaar kunt fir aavai.
In an instant, their minds go around the four corners of the world and come back again.

kar kirpaa jis apnee bhagat day-ay.

Nanak tay jan naam milay-ay. ||3||
O Nanak, they are absorbed into the Naam.

khin meh neech keet ka-o raaj.
In an instant, the lowly worm is transformed into a king.

paarbarahm gareeb nivaaj.
The Supreme Lord God is the Protector of the humble.

jaa kaa darisat kachhoo na aavai.

tis tatkaal dah dis paragtaavai.
becomes instantly famous in the ten directions.

jaa ka-o apunee karai bakhsees.

taa kaa laykhaa na ganai jagdees.
the Lord of the world does not hold him to his account.

jee-o pind sabh tis kee raas.
Soul and body are all His property.

ghat ghat pooran barahm pargaas.
Each and every heart is illuminated by the Perfect Lord God.

apnee banat aap banaa-ee.
He Himself fashioned His own handiwork.

Nanak jeevai daykh badaa-ee. ||4||
Nanak lives by beholding His greatness.

is kaa bal naahee is haath.

karan karaavan sarab ko naath.
the Doer, the Cause of causes is the Lord of all.

aagi-aakaaree bapuraa jee-o.
The helpless beings are subject to His Command.

jo tis bhaavai so-ee fun thee-o.
That which pleases Him, ultimately comes to pass.

kabhoo ooch neech meh basai.
Sometimes, they abide in exaltation; sometimes, they are depressed.

kabhoo sog harakh rang hasai.
Sometimes, they are sad, and sometimes they laugh with joy and delight.

kabhoo nind chind bi-uhaar.
Sometimes, they are occupied with slander and anxiety.

kabhoo oobh akaas pa-i-aal.
Sometimes, they are high in the Akaashic Ethers, sometimes in the nether regions of the underworld.

kabhoo baytaa barahm beechaar.
Sometimes, they know the contemplation of God.

Nanak aap milaavanhaar. ||5||
O Nanak, God Himself unites them with Himself.

kabhoo nirat karai baho bhaat.
Sometimes, they dance in various ways.

kabhoo so-ay rahai din raat.
Sometimes, they remain asleep day and night.

kabhoo mahaa kroDh bikraal.
Sometimes, they are awesome, in terrible rage.

kabahooN sarab kee hot ravaal.
Sometimes, they are the dust of the feet of all.

kabhoo ho-ay bahai bad raajaa.
Sometimes, they sit as great kings.

kabahu bhaykhaaree neech kaa saajaa.
Sometimes, they wear the coat of a lowly beggar.

kabhoo apkeerat meh aavai.
Sometimes, they come to have evil reputations.

kabhoo bhalaa bhalaa kahaavai.
Sometimes, they are known as very, very good.

ji-o parabh raakhai tiv hee rahai.
As God keeps them, so they remain.

gur parsaad Nanak sach kahai. ||6||
By Guru's Grace, O Nanak, the Truth is told.

kabhoo ho-ay pandit karay bakh-yaan.
Sometimes, as scholars, they deliver lectures.

kabhoo moniDhaaree laavai Dhi-aan.
Sometimes, they hold to silence in deep meditation.

kabhoo tat tirath isnaan.
Sometimes, they take cleansing baths at places of pilgrimage.

kabhoo siDh saadhik mukh gi-aan.
Sometimes, as Siddhas or seekers, they impart spiritual wisdom.

kabhoo keet hasat patang ho-ay jee-aa.
Sometimes, they becomes worms, elephants, or moths.

anik jon bharmai bharmee-aa.
They may wander and roam through countless incarnations.

naanaa roop ji-o savaagee dikhaavai.
In various costumes, like actors, they appear.

ji-o parabh bhaavai tivai nachaavai.
As it pleases God, they dance.

jo tis bhaavai so-ee ho-ay.
Whatever pleases Him, comes to pass.

Nanak doojaa avar na ko-ay. ||7||
O Nanak, there is no other at all.

kabhoo saadhsangat ih paavai.
Sometimes, this being attains the Company of the Holy.

us asthaan tay bahur na aavai.
From that place, he does not have to come back again.

antar ho-ay gi-aan pargaas.
The light of spiritual wisdom dawns within.

us asthaan kaa nahee binaas.
That place does not perish.

man tan naam ratay ik rang.
The mind and body are imbued with the Love of the Naam, the Name of the One Lord.

sadaa baseh paarbarahm kai sang.
He dwells forever with the Supreme Lord God.

ji-o jal meh jal aa-ay khataanaa.

ti-o jotee sang jot samaanaa.
his light blends into the Light.

mit ga-ay gavan paa-ay bisraam.
Reincarnation is ended, and eternal peace is found.

Nanak parabh kai sad kurbaan. ||8||11||
Nanak is forever a sacrifice to God.


sukhee basai maskeenee-aa aap nivaar talay.
The humble beings abide in peace; subduing egotism, they are meek.

baday baday ahaNkaaree-aa Nanak garab galay. ||1||
The very proud and arrogant persons, O Nanak, are consumed by their own pride.


jis kai antar raaj abhimaan.

so narakpaatee hovat su-aan.
shall dwell in hell, and become a dog.

jo jaanai mai jobanvant.

so hovat bistaa kaa jant.
shall become a maggot in manure.

aapas ka-o karamvant kahaavai.

janam marai baho jon bharmaavai.
shall live and die, wandering through countless reincarnations.

Dhan bhoom kaa jo karai gumaan.

so moorakh anDhaa agi-aan.
is a fool, blind and ignorant.

kar kirpaa jis kai hirdai gareebee basaavai.

Nanak eehaa mukat aagai sukh paavai. ||1||
O Nanak, is liberated here, and obtains peace hereafter.

Dhanvantaa ho-ay kar garbaavai.

tarin samaan kachh sang na jaavai.
not even a piece of straw shall go along with him.

baho laskar maanukh oopar karay aas.

pal bheetar taa kaa ho-ay binaas.
but he shall vanish in an instant.

sabh tay aap jaanai balvant.

khin meh ho-ay jaa-ay bhasmant.
in an instant, shall be reduced to ashes.

kisai na badai aap ahaNkaaree.

Dharam raa-ay tis karay khu-aaree.
the Righteous Judge of Dharma shall expose his disgrace.

gur parsaad jaa kaa mitai abhimaan.

so jan Nanak dargeh parvaan. ||2||
O Nanak, becomes acceptable in the Court of the Lord.

kot karam karai ha-o Dhaaray.

saram paavai saglay birthaaray.
he shall incur only trouble; all this is in vain.

anik tapasi-aa karay ahaNkaar.

narak surag fir fir avtaar.
he shall be reincarnated into heaven and hell, over and over again.

anik jatan kar aatam nahee darvai.

har dargeh kaho kaisay gavai.

aapas ka-o jo bhalaa kahaavai.

tiseh bhalaa-ee nikat na aavai.
goodness shall not draw near him.

sarab kee rayn jaa kaa man ho-ay.

kaho Nanak taa kee nirmal so-ay. ||3||
says Nanak, his reputation is spotlessly pure.

jab lag jaanai mujh tay kachh ho-ay.

tab is ka-o sukh naahee ko-ay.
he shall have no peace.

jab ih jaanai mai kichh kartaa.

tab lag garabh jon meh firtaa.
he shall wander in reincarnation through the womb.

jab Dhaarai ko-oo bairee meet.

tab lag nihchal naahee cheet.
his mind shall not come to rest.

jab lag moh magan sang maa-ay.

tab lag Dharam raa-ay day-ay sajaa-ay.
the Righteous Judge shall punish him.

parabh kirpaa tay banDhan tootai.

gur parsaad Nanak ha-o chhootai. ||4||
by Guru's Grace, O Nanak, his ego is eliminated.

sahas khatay lakh ka-o uth Dhaavai.
Earning a thousand, he runs after a hundred thousand.

taripat na aavai maa-i-aa paachhai paavai.
Satisfaction is not obtained by chasing after Maya.

anik bhog bikhi-aa kay karai.

nah tariptaavai khap khap marai.
but he is still not satisfied; he indulges again and again, wearing himself out, until he dies.

binaa santokh nahee ko-oo raajai.
Without contentment, no one is satisfied.

supan manorath barithay sabh kaajai.
Like the objects in a dream, all his efforts are in vain.

naam rang sarab sukh ho-ay.
Through the love of the Naam, all peace is obtained.

badbhaagee kisai paraapat ho-ay.
Only a few obtain this, by great good fortune.

karan karaavan aapay aap.
He Himself is Himself the Cause of causes.

sadaa sadaa Nanak har jaap. ||5||
Forever and ever, O Nanak, chant the Lord's Name.

karan karaavan karnaihaar.
The Doer, the Cause of causes, is the Creator Lord.

is kai haath kahaa beechaar.

jaisee darisat karay taisaa ho-ay.
As God casts His Glance of Grace, they come to be.

aapay aap aap parabh so-ay.
God Himself, of Himself, is unto Himself.

jo kichh keeno so apnai rang.
Whatever He created, was by His Own Pleasure.

sabh tay door sabhhoo kai sang.
He is far from all, and yet with all.

boojhai daykhai karai bibayk.
He understands, He sees, and He passes judgment.

aapeh ayk aapeh anayk.
He Himself is the One, and He Himself is the many.

marai na binsai aavai na jaa-ay.
He does not die or perish; He does not come or go.

Nanak sad hee rahi-aa samaa-ay. ||6||
O Nanak, He remains forever All-pervading.

aap updaysai samjhai aap.
He Himself instructs, and He Himself learns.

aapay rachi-aa sabh kai saath.
He Himself mingles with all.

aap keeno aapan bisthaar.
He Himself created His own expanse.

sabh kachh us kaa oh karnaihaar.
All things are His; He is the Creator.

us tay bhinn kahhu kichh ho-ay.

thaan thanantar aykai so-ay.
In the spaces and interspaces, He is the One.

apunay chalit aap karnaihaar.
In His own play, He Himself is the Actor.

ka-utak karai rang aapaar.
He produces His plays with infinite variety.

man meh aap man apunay maahi.
He Himself is in the mind, and the mind is in Him.

Nanak keemat kahan na jaa-ay. ||7||
O Nanak, His worth cannot be estimated.

sat sat sat parabh su-aamee.
True, True, True is God, our Lord and Master.

gur parsaad kinai vakhi-aanee.
By Guru's Grace, some speak of Him.

sach sach sach sabh keenaa.
True, True, True is the Creator of all.

kot maDhay kinai birlai cheenaa.
Out of millions, scarcely anyone knows Him.

bhalaa bhalaa bhalaa tayraa roop.
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful is Your Sublime Form.

at sundar apaar anoop.
You are Exquisitely Beautiful, Infinite and Incomparable.

nirmal nirmal nirmal tayree banee.

ghat ghat sunee sarvan bakh-yaanee.
heard in each and every heart, spoken to the ears.

pavitar pavitar pavitar puneet.

naam japai Nanak man pareet. ||8||12||
chant the Naam, O Nanak, with heart-felt love.


sant saran jo jan parai so jan uDhranhaar.
One who seeks the Sanctuary of the Saints shall be saved.

sant kee nindaa naankaa bahur bahur avtaar. ||1||
One who slanders the Saints, O Nanak, shall be reincarnated over and over again.


sant kai dookhan aarjaa ghatai.
Slandering the Saints, one's life is cut short.

sant kai dookhan jam tay nahee chhutai.
Slandering the Saints, one shall not escape the Messenger of Death.

sant kai dookhan sukh sabh jaa-ay.
Slandering the Saints, all happiness vanishes.

sant kai dookhan narak meh paa-ay.
Slandering the Saints, one falls into hell.

sant kai dookhan mat ho-ay maleen.
Slandering the Saints, the intellect is polluted.

sant kai dookhan sobhaa tay heen.
Slandering the Saints, one's reputation is lost.

sant kay hatay ka-o rakhai na ko-ay.
One who is cursed by a Saint cannot be saved.

sant kai dookhan thaan bharsat ho-ay.
Slandering the Saints, one's place is defiled.

sant kirpaal kirpaa jay karai.

Nanak satsang nindak bhee tarai. ||1||
O Nanak, in the Company of the Saints, the slanderer may still be saved.

sant kay dookhan tay mukh bhavai.
Slandering the Saints, one becomes a wry-faced malcontent.

santan kai dookhan kaag ji-o lavai.
Slandering the Saints, one croaks like a raven.

santan kai dookhan sarap jon paa-ay.
Slandering the Saints, one is reincarnated as a snake.

sant kai dookhan tarigad jon kirmaa-ay.
Slandering the Saints, one is reincarnated as a wiggling worm.

santan kai dookhan tarisnaa meh jalai.
Slandering the Saints, one burns in the fire of desire.

sant kai dookhan sabh ko chhalai.
Slandering the Saints, one tries to deceive everyone.

sant kai dookhan tayj sabh jaa-ay.
Slandering the Saints, all one's influence vanishes.

sant kai dookhan neech neechaa-ay.
Slandering the Saints, one becomes the lowest of the low.

sant dokhee kaa thaa-o ko naahi.
For the slanderer of the Saint, there is no place of rest.

Nanak sant bhaavai taa o-ay bhee gat paahi. ||2||
O Nanak, if it pleases the Saint, even then, he may be saved.

sant kaa nindak mahaa attaa-ee.
The slanderer of the Saint is the worst evil-doer.

sant kaa nindak khin tikan na paa-ee.
The slanderer of the Saint has not even a moment's rest.

sant kaa nindak mahaa hati-aaraa.
The slanderer of the Saint is a brutal butcher.

sant kaa nindak parmaysur maaraa.
The slanderer of the Saint is cursed by the Transcendent Lord.

sant kaa nindak raaj tay heen.
The slanderer of the Saint has no kingdom.

sant kaa nindak dukhee-aa ar deen.
The slanderer of the Saint becomes miserable and poor.

sant kay nindak ka-o sarab rog.
The slanderer of the Saint contracts all diseases.

sant kay nindak ka-o sadaa bijog.
The slanderer of the Saint is forever separated.

sant kee nindaa dokh meh dokh.
To slander a Saint is the worst sin of sins.

Nanak sant bhaavai taa us kaa bhee ho-ay mokh. ||3||
O Nanak, if it pleases the Saint, then even this one may be liberated.

sant kaa dokhee sadaa apvit.
The slanderer of the Saint is forever impure.

sant kaa dokhee kisai kaa nahee mit.
The slanderer of the Saint is nobody's friend.

sant kay dokhee ka-o daan laagai.
The slanderer of the Saint shall be punished.

sant kay dokhee ka-o sabh ti-aagai.
The slanderer of the Saint is abandoned by all.

sant kaa dokhee mahaa ahaNkaaree.
The slanderer of the Saint is totally egocentric.

sant kaa dokhee sadaa bikaaree.
The slanderer of the Saint is forever corrupt.

sant kaa dokhee janmai marai.
The slanderer of the Saint must endure birth and death.

sant kee dookhnaa sukh tay tarai.
The slanderer of the Saint is devoid of peace.

sant kay dokhee ka-o naahee thaa-o.
The slanderer of the Saint has no place of rest.

Nanak sant bhaavai taa la-ay milaa-ay. ||4||
O Nanak, if it pleases the Saint, then even such a one may merge in union.

sant kaa dokhee aDh beech tay tootai.
The slanderer of the Saint breaks down mid-way.

sant kaa dokhee kitai kaaj na pahoochai.
The slanderer of the Saint cannot accomplish his tasks.

sant kay dokhee ka-o udi-aan bharmaa-ee-ai.
The slanderer of the Saint wanders in the wilderness.

sant kaa dokhee ujharh paa-ee-ai.
The slanderer of the Saint is misled into desolation.

sant kaa dokhee antar tay thothaa.

ji-o saas binaa mirtak kee lothaa.
like the corpse of a dead man, without the breath of life.

sant kay dokhee kee jarh kichh naahi.
The slanderer of the Saint has no heritage at all.

aapan beej aapay hee khaahi.
He himself must eat what he has planted.

sant kay dokhee ka-o avar na raakhanhaar.
The slanderer of the Saint cannot be saved by anyone else.

Nanak sant bhaavai taa la-ay ubaar. ||5||
O Nanak, if it pleases the Saint, then even he may be saved.

sant kaa dokhee i-o billaa-ay.

ji-o jal bihoon machhulee tarhafrhaa-ay.
like a fish, out of water, writhing in agony.

sant kaa dokhee bhookhaa nahee raajai.

ji-o paavak eeDhan nahee Dharaapai.
as fire is not satisfied by fuel.

sant kaa dokhee chhutai ikaylaa.

ji-o boo-aarh til khayt maahi duhaylaa.
like the miserable barren sesame stalk abandoned in the field.

sant kaa dokhee Dharam tay rahat.
The slanderer of the Saint is devoid of faith.

sant kaa dokhee sad mithi-aa kahat.
The slanderer of the Saint constantly lies.

kirat nindak kaa Dhur hee pa-i-aa.
The fate of the slanderer is pre-ordained from the very beginning of time.

Nanak jo tis bhaavai so-ee thi-aa. ||6||
O Nanak, whatever pleases God's Will comes to pass.

sant kaa dokhee bigarh roop ho-ay jaa-ay.
The slanderer of the Saint becomes deformed.

sant kay dokhee ka-o dargeh milai sajaa-ay.
The slanderer of the Saint receives his punishment in the Court of the Lord.

sant kaa dokhee sadaa sahkaa-ee-ai.
The slanderer of the Saint is eternally in limbo.

sant kaa dokhee na marai na jeevaa-ee-ai.
He does not die, but he does not live either.

sant kay dokhee kee pujai na aasaa.
The hopes of the slanderer of the Saint are not fulfilled.

sant kaa dokhee uth chalai niraasaa.
The slanderer of the Saint departs disappointed.

sant kai dokh na taristai ko-ay.
Slandering the Saint, no one attains satisfaction.

jaisaa bhaavai taisaa ko-ee ho-ay.

pa-i-aa kirat na maytai ko-ay.
no one can erase their past actions.

Nanak jaanai sachaa so-ay. ||7||
O Nanak, the True Lord alone knows all.

sabh ghat tis kay oh karnaihaar.
All hearts are His; He is the Creator.

sadaa sadaa tis ka-o namaskaar.
Forever and ever, I bow to Him in reverence.

parabh kee ustat karahu din raat.
Praise God, day and night.

tiseh Dhi-aavahu saas giraas.
Meditate on Him with every breath and morsel of food.

sabh kachh vartai tis kaa kee-aa.
Everything happens as He wills.

jaisaa karay taisaa ko thee-aa.
As He wills, so people become.

apnaa khayl aap karnaihaar.
He Himself is the play, and He Himself is the actor.

doosar ka-un kahai beechaar.

jis no kirpaa karai tis aapan naam day-ay.
He Himself gives His Name to those, upon whom He bestows His Mercy.

badbhaagee Nanak jan say-ay. ||8||13||
Very fortunate, O Nanak, are those people.


tajahu si-aanap sur janhu simrahu har har raa-ay.

ayk aas har man rakhahu Nanak dookh bharam bha-o jaa-ay. ||1||
Enshrine in your heart, your hopes in the One Lord.
O Nanak, your pain, doubt and fear shall depart.


maanukh kee tayk barithee sabh jaan.
Reliance on mortals is in vain, know this well.

dayvan ka-o aykai bhagvaan.
The Great Giver is the One Lord God.

jis kai dee-ai rahai aghaa-ay.

bahur na tarisnaa laagai aa-ay.
and we suffer from thirst no longer.

maarai raakhai ayko aap.
The One Lord Himself destroys and also preserves.

maanukh kai kichh naahee haath.
Nothing at all is in the hands of mortal beings.

tis kaa hukam boojh sukh ho-ay.
Understanding His Order, there is peace.

tis kaa naam rakh kanth paro-ay.
So take His Name, and wear it as your necklace.

simar simar simar parabh so-ay.
Remember, remember, remember God in meditation.

Nanak bighan na laagai ko-ay. ||1||
O Nanak, no obstacle shall stand in your way.

ustat man meh kar nirankaar.
Praise the Formless Lord in your mind.

kar man mayray sat bi-uhaar.
O my mind, make this your true occupation.

nirmal rasnaa amrit pee-o.
Let your tongue become pure, drinking in the Ambrosial Nectar.

sadaa suhaylaa kar layhi jee-o.
Your soul shall be forever peaceful.

nainhu paykh thaakur kaa rang.
With your eyes, see the wondrous play of your Lord and Master.

saadhsang binsai sabh sang.
In the Company of the Holy, all other associations vanish.

charan chala-o maarag gobind.
With your feet, walk in the Way of the Lord.

miteh paap japee-ai har bind.
Sins are washed away, chanting the Lord's Name, even for a moment.

kar har karam sarvan har kathaa.
So do the Lord's Work, and listen to the Lord's Sermon.

har dargeh Nanak oojal mathaa. ||2||
In the Lord's Court, O Nanak, your face shall be radiant.

badbhaagee tay jan jag maahi.

sadaa sadaa har kay gun gaahi.
who sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, forever and ever.

raam naam jo karahi beechaar.

say Dhanvant ganee sansaar.
are the most wealthy and prosperous in the world.

man tan mukh boleh har mukhee.

sadaa sadaa jaanhu tay sukhee.
know that they are peaceful and happy, forever and ever.

ayko ayk ayk pachhaanai.

it ut kee oh sojhee jaanai.
understands this world and the next.

naam sang jis kaa man maani-aa.

Nanak tineh niranjan jaani-aa. ||3||
the Name of the Lord, O Nanak, knows the Immaculate Lord.

gur parsaad aapan aap sujhai.

tis kee jaanhu tarisnaa bujhai.
know that then, his thirst is quenched.

saadhsang har har jas kahat.
In the Company of the Holy, one chants the Praises of the Lord, Har, Har.

sarab rog tay oh har jan rahat.
Such a devotee of the Lord is free of all disease.

an-din keertan kayval bakh-yaan.
Night and day, sing the Kirtan, the Praises of the One Lord.

garihsat meh so-ee nirbaan.
In the midst of your household, remain balanced and unattached.

ayk oopar jis jan kee aasaa.

tis kee katee-ai jam kee faasaa.
the noose of Death is cut away from his neck.

paarbarahm kee jis man bhookh.

Nanak tiseh na laageh dookh. ||4||
O Nanak, shall not suffer pain.

jis ka-o har parabh man chit aavai.

so sant suhaylaa nahee dulaavai.
that Saint is at peace; he does not waver.

jis parabh apunaa kirpaa karai.

so sayvak kaho kis tay darai.

jaisaa saa taisaa daristaa-i-aa.

apunay kaaraj meh aap samaa-i-aa.
in His Own creation, He Himself is pervading.

soDhat soDhat soDhat seejhi-aa.

gur parsaad tat sabh boojhi-aa.
By Guru's Grace, the essence of all reality is understood.

jab daykh-a-u tab sabh kichh mool.
Wherever I look, there I see Him, at the root of all things.

Nanak so sookham so-ee asthool. ||5||
O Nanak, He is the subtle, and He is also the manifest.

nah kichh janmai nah kichh marai.
Nothing is born, and nothing dies.

aapan chalit aap hee karai.
He Himself stages His own drama.

aavan jaavan darisat an-darisat.

aagi-aakaaree Dhaaree sabh sarisat.
all the world is obedient to His Will.

aapay aap sagal meh aap.
He Himself is All-in-Himself.

anik jugat rach thaap uthaap.
In His many ways, He establishes and disestablishes.

abhinaasee naahee kichh khand.
He is Imperishable; nothing can be broken.

Dhaaran Dhaar rahi-o barahmand.
He lends His Support to maintain the Universe.

alakh abhayv purakh partaap.
Unfathomable and Inscrutable is the Glory of the Lord.

aap japaa-ay ta Nanak jaap. ||6||
As He inspires us to meditate, O Nanak, so do we meditate.

jin parabh jaataa so sobhaavant.
Those who know God are glorious.

sagal sansaar uDhrai tin mant.
The whole world is redeemed by their teachings.

parabh kay sayvak sagal uDhaaran.
God's servants redeem all.

parabh kay sayvak dookh bisaaran.
God's servants cause sorrows to be forgotten.

aapay mayl la-ay kirpaal.
The Merciful Lord unites them with Himself.

gur kaa sabad jap bha-ay nihaal.
Chanting the Word of the Guru's Shabad, they become ecstatic.

un kee sayvaa so-ee laagai.

jis no kirpaa karahi badbhaagai.
upon whom God bestows His Mercy, by great good fortune.

naam japat paavahi bisraam.
Those who chant the Naam find their place of rest.

Nanak tin purakh ka-o ootam kar maan. ||7||
O Nanak, respect those persons as the most noble.

jo kichh karai so parabh kai rang.
Whatever you do, do it for the Love of God.

sadaa sadaa basai har sang.
Forever and ever, abide with the Lord.

sahj subhaa-ay hovai so ho-ay.
By its own natural course, whatever will be will be.

karnaihaar pachhaanai so-ay.

parabh kaa kee-aa jan meeth lagaanaa.
God's doings are sweet to His humble servant.

jaisaa saa taisaa daristaanaa.
As He is, so does He appear.

jis tay upjay tis maahi samaa-ay.
From Him we came, and into Him we shall merge again.

o-ay sukh niDhaan unhoo ban aa-ay.
He is the treasure of peace, and so does His servant become.

aapas ka-o aap deeno maan.
Unto His own, He has given His honor.

Nanak parabh jan ayko jaan. ||8||14||
O Nanak, know that God and His humble servant are one and the same.


sarab kalaa bharpoor parabh birthaa jaananhaar.
God is totally imbued with all powers; He is the Knower of our troubles.

jaa kai simran uDhree-ai Nanak tis balihaar. ||1||
Meditating in remembrance on Him, we are saved; Nanak is a sacrifice to Him.


tootee gaadhanhaar gopaal.
The Lord of the World is the Mender of the broken.

sarab jee-aa aapay partipaal.
He Himself cherishes all beings.

sagal kee chintaa jis man maahi.

tis tay birthaa ko-ee naahi.
no one is turned away from Him.

ray man mayray sadaa har jaap.
O my mind, meditate forever on the Lord.

abhinaasee parabh aapay aap.
The Imperishable Lord God is Himself All-in-all.

aapan kee-aa kachhoo na ho-ay.

jay sa-o paraanee lochai ko-ay.
even though the mortal may wish it so, hundreds of times.

tis bin naahee tayrai kichh kaam.
Without Him, nothing is of any use to you.

gat Nanak jap ayk har naam. ||1||
Salvation, O Nanak, is attained by chanting the Name of the One Lord.

roopvant ho-ay naahee mohai.

parabh kee jot sagal ghat sohai.
the Light of God is in all hearts.

Dhanvantaa ho-ay ki-aa ko garbai.

jaa sabh kichh tis kaa dee-aa darbai.
All riches are His gifts.

at sooraa jay ko-oo kahaavai.

parabh kee kalaa binaa kah Dhaavai.

jay ko ho-ay bahai daataar.

tis daynhaar jaanai gaavaar.
the Great Giver shall judge him to be a fool.

jis gur parsaad tootai ha-o rog.

Nanak so jan sadaa arog. ||2||
O Nanak, that person is forever healthy.

ji-o mandar ka-o thaamai thamman.

ti-o gur kaa sabad maneh asthamman.
so does the Guru's Word support the mind.

ji-o paakhaan naav charh tarai.

paraanee gur charan lagat nistarai.
so is the mortal saved, grasping hold of the Guru's Feet.

ji-o anDhkaar deepak pargaas.

gur darsan daykh man ho-ay bigaas.
so does the mind blossom forth, beholding the Blessed Vision of the Guru's Darshan.

ji-o mahaa udi-aan meh maarag paavai.
ti-o saadhoo sang mil jot paragtaavai.
The path is found through the great wilderness by joining the saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, and one's light shines forth.

tin santan kee baachha-o Dhoor.

Nanak kee har lochaa poor.

man moorakh kaahay billaa-ee-ai.

purab likhay kaa likhi-aa paa-ee-ai.
You shall obtain your pre-ordained destiny.

dookh sookh parabh dayvanhaar.
God is the Giver of pain and pleasure.

avar ti-aag too tiseh chitaar.
Abandon others, and think of Him alone.

jo kachh karai so-ee sukh maan.
Whatever He does, take comfort in that.

bhoolaa kaahay fireh ajaan.

ka-un basat aa-ee tayrai sang.

lapat rahi-o ras lobhee patang.
You cling to worldly pleasures like a greedy moth.

raam naam jap hirday maahi.
Dwell upon the Lord's Name in your heart.

Nanak pat saytee ghar jaahi. ||4||
O Nanak, thus you shall return to your home with honor.

jis vakhar ka-o lain too aa-i-aa.

raam naam santan ghar paa-i-aa.
the Lord's Name is obtained in the home of the Saints.

taj abhimaan layho man mol.
raam naam hirday meh tol.
Renounce your egotistical pride, and with your mind, purchase the Lord's Name, measure it out within your heart.

laad khayp santeh sang chaal.
Load up this merchandise, and set out with the Saints.

avar ti-aag bikhi-aa janjaal.
Give up other corrupt entanglements.

Dhan Dhan kahai sabh ko-ay.

mukh oojal har dargeh so-ay.
and your face shall be radiant in the Court of the Lord.

ih vaapaar virlaa vaapaarai.
In this trade, only a few are trading.

Nanak taa kai sad balihaarai. ||5||
Nanak is forever a sacrifice to them.

charan saadh kay Dho-ay Dho-ay pee-o.
Wash the feet of the Holy, and drink in this water.

arap saadh ka-o apnaa jee-o.
Dedicate your soul to the Holy.

saadh kee Dhoor karahu isnaan.
Take your cleansing bath in the dust of the feet of the Holy.

saadh oopar jaa-ee-ai kurbaan.
To the Holy, make your life a sacrifice.

saadh sayvaa vadbhaagee paa-ee-ai.
Service to the Holy is obtained by great good fortune.

saadhsang har keertan gaa-ee-ai.
In the saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, the Kirtan of the Lord's Praise is sung.

anik bighan tay saadhoo raakhai.
From all sorts of dangers, the Saint saves us.

har gun gaa-ay amrit ras chaakhai.
Singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, we taste the ambrosial essence.

ot gahee santeh dar aa-i-aa.
Seeking the Protection of the Saints, we have come to their door.

sarab sookh Nanak tih paa-i-aa. ||6||
All comforts, O Nanak, are so obtained.

mirtak ka-o jeevaalanhaar.
He infuses life back into the dead.

bhookhay ka-o dayvat aDhaar.
He gives food to the hungry.

sarab niDhaan jaa kee daristee maahi.
All treasures are within His Glance of Grace.

purab likhay kaa lahnaa paahi.
People obtain that which they are pre-ordained to receive.

sabh kichh tis kaa oh karnai jog.
All things are His; He is the Doer of all.

tis bin doosar ho-aa na hog.
Other than Him, there has never been any other, and there shall never be.

jap jan sadaa sadaa din rainee.
Meditate on Him forever and ever, day and night.

sabh tay ooch nirmal ih karnee.
This way of life is exalted and immaculate.

kar kirpaa jis ka-o naam dee-aa.

Nanak so jan nirmal thee-aa. ||7||
O Nanak, that person becomes immaculate and pure.

jaa kai man gur kee parteet.

tis jan aavai har parabh cheet.
comes to dwell upon the Lord God.

bhagat bhagat sunee-ai tihu lo-ay.
He is acclaimed as a devotee, a humble devotee throughout the three worlds.

jaa kai hirdai ayko ho-ay.
The One Lord is in his heart.

sach karnee sach taa kee rahat.
True are his actions; true are his ways.

sach hirdai sat mukh kahat.
True is his heart; Truth is what he speaks with his mouth.

saachee darisat saachaa aakaar.
True is his vision; true is his form.

sach vartai saachaa paasaar.
He distributes Truth and he spreads Truth.

paarbarahm jin sach kar jaataa.

Nanak so jan sach samaataa. ||8||15||
O Nanak, that humble being is absorbed into the True One.


roop na raykh na rang kichh tarihu gun tay parabh bhinn.
He has no form, no shape, no color; God is beyond the three qualities.

tiseh bujhaa-ay naankaa jis hovai suparsan. ||1||
They alone understand Him, O Nanak, with whom He is pleased.


abhinaasee parabh man meh raakh.
Keep the Immortal Lord God enshrined within your mind.

maanukh kee too pareet ti-aag.
Renounce your love and attachment to people.

tis tay parai naahee kichh ko-ay.
Beyond Him, there is nothing at all.

sarab nirantar ayko so-ay.
The One Lord is pervading among all.

aapay beenaa aapay daanaa.

gahir gambheer gaheer sujaanaa.
Unfathomable, Profound, Deep and All-knowing.

paarbarahm parmaysur gobind.

kirpaa niDhaan da-i-aal bakhsand.
the Treasure of mercy, compassion and forgiveness.

saadh tayray kee charnee paa-o.

Nanak kai man ih anraa-o. ||1||
this is the longing of Nanak's mind.

mansaa pooran sarnaa jog.

jo kar paa-i-aa so-ee hog.
that which He has written, comes to pass.

haran bharan jaa kaa naytar for.
He destroys and creates in the twinkling of an eye.

tis kaa mantar na jaanai hor.
No one else knows the mystery of His ways.

anad roop mangal sad jaa kai.
He is the embodiment of ecstasy and everlasting joy.

sarab thok sunee-ah ghar taa kai.
I have heard that all things are in His home.

raaj meh raaj jog meh jogee.
Among kings, He is the King; among yogis, He is the Yogi.

tap meh tapeesar garihsat meh bhogee.
Among ascetics, He is the Ascetic; among householders, He is the Enjoyer.

Dhi-aa-ay Dhi-aa-ay bhagtah sukh paa-i-aa.
By constant meditation, His devotee finds peace.

Nanak tis purakh kaa kinai ant na paa-i-aa. ||2||
O Nanak, no one has found the limits of that Supreme Being.

jaa kee leelaa kee mit naahi.
There is no limit to His play.

sagal dayv haaray avgaahi.
All the demigods have grown weary of searching for it.

pitaa kaa janam ke jaanai poot.

sagal paro-ee apunai soot.
All are strung upon His string.

sumat gi-aan Dhi-aan jin day-ay.
jan daas naam Dhi-aavahi say-ay.
He bestows good sense, spiritual wisdom and meditation on His humble servants and slaves who meditate on the Naam.

tihu gun meh jaa ka-o bharmaa-ay.

janam marai fir aavai jaa-ay.
they are born and die, coming and going over and over again.

ooch neech tis kay asthaan.
The high and the low are His places.

jaisaa janaavai taisaa Nanak jaan. ||3||
As He inspires us to know Him, O Nanak, so is He known.

naanaa roop naanaa jaa kay rang.
Many are His forms; many are His colors.

naanaa bhaykh karahi ik rang.
Many are the appearances which He assumes, and yet He is still the One.

naanaa biDh keeno bisthaar.
In so many ways, He has extended Himself.

parabh abhinaasee aykankaar.
The Eternal Lord God is the One, the Creator.

naanaa chalit karay khin maahi.
He performs His many plays in an instant.

poor rahi-o pooran sabh thaa-ay.
The Perfect Lord is pervading all places.

naanaa biDh kar banat banaa-ee.
In so many ways, He created the creation.

apnee keemat aapay paa-ee.
He alone can estimate His worth.

sabh ghat tis kay sabh tis kay thaa-o.
All hearts are His, and all places are His.

jap jap jeevai Nanak har naa-o. ||4||
Nanak lives by chanting, chanting the Name of the Lord.

naam kay Dhaaray saglay jant.
The Naam is the Support of all creatures.

naam kay Dhaaray khand barahmand.
The Naam is the Support of the earth and solar systems.

naam kay Dhaaray simrit bayd puraan.
The Naam is the Support of the Simritees, the Vedas and the Puraanas.

naam kay Dhaaray sunan gi-aan Dhi-aan.
The Naam is the Support by which we hear of spiritual wisdom and meditation.

naam kay Dhaaray aagaas paataal.
The Naam is the Support of the Akaashic ethers and the nether regions.

naam kay Dhaaray sagal aakaar.
The Naam is the Support of all bodies.

naam kay Dhaaray puree-aa sabh bhavan.
The Naam is the Support of all worlds and realms.

naam kai sang uDhray sun sarvan.
Associating with the Naam, listening to it with the ears, one is saved.

kar kirpaa jis aapnai naam laa-ay.

Nanak cha-uthay pad meh so jan gat paa-ay. ||5||
O Nanak, in the fourth state, those humble servants attain salvation.

roop sat jaa kaa sat asthaan.
His form is true, and true is His place.

purakh sat kayval parDhaan.
His personality is true, He alone is supreme.

kartoot sat sat jaa kee banee.
His acts are true, and true is His Word.

sat purakh sabh maahi samaanee.
The True Lord is permeating all.

sat karam jaa kee rachnaa sat.
True are His actions; His creation is true.

mool sat sat utpat.
His root is true, and true is what originates from it.

sat karnee nirmal nirmalee.
True is His lifestyle, the purest of the pure.

jisahi bujhaa-ay tiseh sabh bhalee.
All goes well for those who know Him.

sat naam parabh kaa sukh-daa-ee.
The True Name of God is the Giver of peace.

bisvaas sat Nanak gur tay paa-ee. ||6||
Nanak has obtained true faith from the Guru.

sat bachan saadhoo updays.
True are the Teachings, and the Instructions of the Holy.

sat tay jan jaa kai ridai parvays.
True are those into whose hearts He enters.

sat nirat boojhai jay ko-ay.

naam japat taa kee gat ho-ay.
chanting the Naam, he obtains salvation.

aap sat kee-aa sabh sat.
He Himself is True, and all that He has made is true.

aapay jaanai apnee mit gat.
He Himself knows His own state and condition.

jis kee sarisat so karnaihaar.
He is the Creator Lord of His world.

avar na boojh karat beechaar.
No one else understands Him, although they may try.

kartay kee mit na jaanai kee-aa.
The created cannot know the extent of the Creator.

Nanak jo tis bhaavai so vartee-aa. ||7||
O Nanak, whatever pleases Him comes to pass.

bisman bisam bha-ay bismaad.

jin boojhi-aa tis aa-i-aa savaad.
One who realizes this, comes to taste this state of joy.

parabh kai rang raach jan rahay.
God's humble servants remain absorbed in His Love.

gur kai bachan padaarath lahay.
Following the Guru's Teachings, they receive the four cardinal blessings.

o-ay daatay dukh kaatanhaar.
They are the givers, the dispellers of pain.

jaa kai sang tarai sansaar.
In their company, the world is saved.

jan kaa sayvak so vadbhaagee.
The slave of the Lord's servant is so very blessed.

jan kai sang ayk liv laagee.
In the company of His servant, one becomes attached to the Love of the One.

gun gobid keertan jan gaavai.
His humble servant sings the Kirtan, the songs of the glory of God.

gur parsaad Nanak fal paavai. ||8||16||
By Guru's Grace, O Nanak, he receives the fruits of his rewards.


aad sach jugaad sach.

hai bhe sach Nanak hosee bhe sach. ||1||
True here and now.
O Nanak, He shall forever be True.


charan sat sat parsanhaar.
His Lotus Feet are True, and True are those who touch Them.

poojaa sat sat sayvdaar.
His devotional worship is True, and True are those who worship Him.

darsan sat sat paykhanhaar.
The Blessing of His Vision is True, and True are those who behold it.

naam sat sat Dhi-aavanhaar.
His Naam is True, and True are those who meditate on it.

aap sat sat sabh Dhaaree.
He Himself is True, and True is all that He sustains.

aapay gun aapay gunkaaree.
He Himself is virtuous goodness, and He Himself is the Bestower of virtue.

sabad sat sat parabh baktaa.
The Word of His Shabad is True, and True are those who speak of God.

surat sat sat jas suntaa.
Those ears are True, and True are those who listen to His Praises.

bujhanhaar ka-o sat sabh ho-ay.
All is True to one who understands.

Nanak sat sat parabh so-ay. ||1||
O Nanak, True, True is He, the Lord God.

sat saroop ridai jin maani-aa.

karan karaavan tin mool pachhaani-aa.
recognizes the Cause of causes as the Root of all.

jaa kai ridai bisvaas parabh aa-i-aa.

tat gi-aan tis man paragtaa-i-aa.
the essence of spiritual wisdom is revealed to his mind.

bhai tay nirbha-o ho-ay basaanaa.
Coming out of fear, he comes to live without fear.

jis tay upji-aa tis maahi samaanaa.
He is absorbed into the One, from whom he originated.

basat maahi lay basat gadaa-ee.

taa ka-o bhinn na kahnaa jaa-ee.
it cannot be said to be separate from it.

boojhai boojhanhaar bibayk.
This is understood only by one of discerning understanding.

naaraa-in milay Nanak ayk. ||2||
Meeting with the Lord, O Nanak, he becomes one with Him.

thaakur kaa sayvak aagi-aakaaree.
The servant is obedient to his Lord and Master.

thaakur kaa sayvak sadaa poojaaree.
The servant worships his Lord and Master forever.

thaakur kay sayvak kai man parteet.
The servant of the Lord Master has faith in his mind.

thaakur kay sayvak kee nirmal reet.
The servant of the Lord Master lives a pure lifestyle.

thaakur ka-o sayvak jaanai sang.
The servant of the Lord Master knows that the Lord is with him.

parabh kaa sayvak naam kai rang.
God's servant is attuned to the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

sayvak ka-o parabh paalanhaaraa.
God is the Cherisher of His servant.

sayvak kee raakhai nirankaaraa.
The Formless Lord preserves His servant.

so sayvak jis da-i-aa parabh Dhaarai.
Unto His servant, God bestows His Mercy.

Nanak so sayvak saas saas samaarai. ||3||
O Nanak, that servant remembers Him with each and every breath.

apunay jan kaa pardaa dhaakai.
He covers the faults of His servant.

apnay sayvak kee sarpar raakhai.
He surely preserves the honor of His servant.

apnay daas ka-o day-ay vadaa-ee.
He blesses His slave with greatness.

apnay sayvak ka-o naam japaa-ee.
He inspires His servant to chant the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

apnay sayvak kee aap pat raakhai.
He Himself preserves the honor of His servant.

taa kee gat mit ko-ay na laakhai.
No one knows His state and extent.

parabh kay sayvak ka-o ko na pahoochai.
No one is equal to the servant of God.

parabh kay sayvak ooch tay oochay.
The servant of God is the highest of the high.

jo parabh apnee sayvaa laa-i-aa.

Nanak so sayvak dah dis paragtaa-i-aa. ||4||
that servant is famous in the ten directions.

neekee keeree meh kal raakhai.

bhasam karai laskar kot laakhai.

jis kaa saas na kaadhat aap.

taa ka-o raakhat day kar haath.
He preserves them, and holds out His Hands to protect them.

maanas jatan karat baho bhaat.

tis kay kartab birthay jaat.
but these attempts are in vain.

maarai na raakhai avar na ko-ay.

sarab jee-aa kaa raakhaa so-ay.
He is the Protector of all beings.

kaahay soch karahi ray paraanee.

jap Nanak parabh alakh vidaanee.

baaraN baar baar parabh japee-ai.
Time after time, again and again, meditate on God.

pee amrit ih man tan Dharpee-ai.
Drinking in this Nectar, this mind and body are satisfied.

naam ratan jin gurmukh paa-i-aa.

tis kichh avar naahee daristaa-i-aa.
they see no other than God.

naam Dhan naamo roop rang.
Unto them, the Naam is wealth, the Naam is beauty and delight.

naamo sukh har naam kaa sang.
The Naam is peace, the Lord's Name is their companion.

naam ras jo jan tariptaanay.

man tan naameh naam samaanay.
their minds and bodies are drenched with the Naam.

oothat baithat sovat naam.

kaho Nanak jan kai sad kaam. ||6||
says Nanak, is forever the occupation of God's humble servant.

bolhu jas jihbaa din raat.
Chant His Praises with your tongue, day and night.

parabh apnai jan keenee daat.
God Himself has given this gift to His servants.

karahi bhagat aatam kai chaa-ay.

parabh apnay si-o raheh samaa-ay.
they remain absorbed in God Himself.

jo ho-aa hovat so jaanai.
They know the past and the present.

parabh apnay kaa hukam pachhaanai.
They recognize God's Own Command.

tis kee mahimaa ka-un bakhaana-o.

tis kaa gun kahi ayk na jaan-o.
I cannot describe even one of His virtuous qualities.

aath pahar parabh baseh hajooray.

kaho Nanak say-ee jan pooray. ||7||
says Nanak, they are the perfect persons.

man mayray tin kee ot layhi.

man tan apnaa tin jan deh.
give your mind and body to those humble beings.

jin jan apnaa parabhoo pachhaataa.

so jan sarab thok kaa daataa.
are the givers of all things.

tis kee saran sarab sukh paavahi.
In His Sanctuary, all comforts are obtained.

tis kai daras sabh paap mitaaveh.
By the Blessing of His Darshan, all sins are erased.

avar si-aanap saglee chhaad.

tis jan kee too sayvaa laag.
and enjoin yourself to the service of those servants.

aavan jaan na hovee tayraa.
Your comings and goings shall be ended.

Nanak tis jan kay poojahu sad pairaa. ||8||17||
O Nanak, worship the feet of God's humble servants forever.


sat purakh jin jaani-aa satgur tis kaa naa-o.
The one who knows the True Lord God, is called the True Guru.

tis kai sang sikh uDhrai Nanak har gun gaa-o. ||1||
In His Company, the Sikh is saved, O Nanak, singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord.


satgur sikh kee karai partipaal.
The True Guru cherishes His Sikh.

sayvak ka-o gur sadaa da-i-aal.
The Guru is always merciful to His servant.

sikh kee gur durmat mal hirai.
The Guru washes away the filth of the evil intellect of His Sikh.

gur bachnee har naam uchrai.
Through the Guru's Teachings, he chants the Lord's Name.

satgur sikh kay banDhan kaatai.
The True Guru cuts away the bonds of His Sikh.

gur kaa sikh bikaar tay haatai.
The Sikh of the Guru abstains from evil deeds.

satgur sikh ka-o naam Dhan day-ay.
The True Guru gives His Sikh the wealth of the Naam.

gur kaa sikh vadbhaagee hay.
The Sikh of the Guru is very fortunate.

satgur sikh kaa halat palat savaarai.
The True Guru arranges this world and the next for His Sikh.

Nanak satgur sikh ka-o jee-a naal samaarai. ||1||
O Nanak, with the fullness of His heart, the True Guru mends His Sikh.

gur kai garihi sayvak jo rahai.

gur kee aagi-aa man meh sahai.
is to obey the Guru's Commands with all his mind.

aapas ka-o kar kachh na janaavai.
He is not to call attention to himself in any way.

har har naam ridai sad Dhi-aavai.
He is to meditate constantly within his heart on the Name of the Lord.

man baychai satgur kai paas.

tis sayvak kay kaaraj raas.
that humble servant's affairs are resolved.

sayvaa karat ho-ay nihkaamee.

tis ka-o hot paraapat su-aamee.
shall attain his Lord and Master.

apnee kirpaa jis aap karay-i.

Nanak so sayvak gur kee mat lay-ay. ||2||
O Nanak, that selfless servant lives the Guru's Teachings.

bees bisvay gur kaa man maanai.

so sayvak parmaysur kee gat jaanai.
that selfless servant comes to know the state of the Transcendent Lord.

so satgur jis ridai har naa-o.
The True Guru's Heart is filled with the Name of the Lord.

anik baar gur ka-o bal jaa-o.
So many times, I am a sacrifice to the Guru.

sarab niDhaan jee-a kaa daataa.
He is the treasure of everything, the Giver of life.

aath pahar paarbarahm rang raataa.
Twenty-four hours a day, He is imbued with the Love of the Supreme Lord God.

barahm meh jan jan meh paarbarahm.
The servant is in God, and God is in the servant.

aykeh aap nahee kachh bharam.
He Himself is One, there is no doubt about this.

sahas si-aanap la-i-aa na jaa-ee-ai.
By thousands of clever tricks, He is not found.

Nanak aisaa gur badbhaagee paa-ee-ai. ||3||
O Nanak, such a Guru is obtained by the greatest good fortune.

safal darsan paykhat puneet.
Blessed is His Darshan; receiving it, one is purified.

parsat charan gat nirmal reet.
Touching His Feet, one's conduct and lifestyle become pure.

bhaytat sang raam gun ravay.

paarbarahm kee dargeh gavay.
and reaches the Court of the Supreme Lord God.

sun kar bachan karan aaghaanay.
Listening to His Teachings, one's ears are satisfied.

man santokh aatam patee-aanay.
The mind is contented, and the soul is fulfilled.

pooraa gur akh-ya-o jaa kaa mantar.
The Guru is perfect; His Teachings are everlasting.

amrit darisat paykhai ho-ay sant.
Beholding His Ambrosial Glance, one becomes saintly.

gun bi-ant keemat nahee paa-ay.
Endless are His virtuous qualities; His worth cannot be appraised.

Nanak jis bhaavai tis la-ay milaa-ay. ||4||
O Nanak, one who pleases Him is united with Him.

jihbaa ayk ustat anayk.
The tongue is one, but His Praises are many.

sat purakh pooran bibayk.
kaahoo bol na pahuchat paraanee.
The True Lord, of perfect perfection, no speech can take the mortal to Him.

agam agochar parabh nirbaanee.
God is Inaccessible, Incomprehensible, balanced in the state of Nirvaanaa.

niraahaar nirvair sukh-daa-ee.
He is not sustained by food; He has no hatred or vengeance; He is the Giver of peace.

taa kee keemat kinai na paa-ee.
No one can estimate His worth.

anik bhagat bandan nit karahi.
Countless devotees continually bow in reverence to Him.

charan kamal hirdai simrahi.
In their hearts, they meditate on His Lotus Feet.

sad balihaaree satgur apnay.

Nanak jis parsaad aisaa parabh japnay. ||5||
by His Grace, he meditates on God.

ih har ras paavai jan ko-ay.
Only a few obtain this ambrosial essence of the Lord's Name.

amrit peevai amar so ho-ay.
Drinking in this Nectar, one becomes immortal.

us purakh kaa naahee kaday binaas.
jaa kai man pargatay guntaas.
That person whose mind is illuminated by the treasure of excellence, never dies.

aath pahar har kaa naam lay-ay.
Twenty-four hours a day, he takes the Name of the Lord.

sach updays sayvak ka-o day-ay.
The Lord gives true instruction to His servant.

moh maa-i-aa kai sang na layp.
He is not polluted by emotional attachment to Maya.

man meh raakhai har har ayk.
In his mind, he cherishes the One Lord, Har, Har.

anDhkaar deepak pargaasay.
In the pitch darkness, a lamp shines forth.

Nanak bharam moh dukh tah tay naasay. ||6||
O Nanak, doubt, emotional attachment and pain are erased.

tapat maahi thaadh vartaa-ee.
In the burning heat, a soothing coolness prevails.

anad bha-i-aa dukh naathay bhaa-ee.
Happiness ensues and pain departs, O Siblings of Destiny.

janam maran kay mitay andaysay.

saadhoo kay pooran updaysay.
by the perfect Teachings of the Holy Saint.

bha-o chookaa nirbha-o ho-ay basay.
Fear is lifted, and one abides in fearlessness.

sagal bi-aaDh man tay khai nasay.
All evils are dispelled from the mind.

jis kaa saa tin kirpaa Dhaaree.
He takes us into His favor as His own.

saadhsang jap naam muraaree.
In the Company of the Holy, chant the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

thit paa-ee chookay bharam gavan.

sun Nanak har har jas sarvan. ||7||
O Nanak, listening with one's ears to the Praises of the Lord, Har, Har.

nirgun aap sargun bhee ohee.
He Himself is absolute and unrelated; He Himself is also involved and related.

kalaa Dhaar jin saglee mohee.
Manifesting His power, He fascinates the entire world.

apnay charit parabh aap banaa-ay.
God Himself sets His play in motion.

apunee keemat aapay paa-ay.
Only He Himself can estimate His worth.

har bin doojaa naahee ko-ay.
There is none, other than the Lord.

sarab nirantar ayko so-ay.
Permeating all, He is the One.

ot pot ravi-aa roop rang.
Through and through, He pervades in form and color.

bha-ay pargaas saadh kai sang.
He is revealed in the Company of the Holy.

rach rachnaa apnee kal Dhaaree.
Having created the creation, He infuses His own power into it.

anik baar Nanak balihaaree. ||8||18||
So many times, Nanak is a sacrifice to Him.


saath na chaalai bin bhajan bikhi-aa saglee chhaar.
Nothing shall go along with you, except your devotion.
All corruption is like ashes.

har har naam kamaavanaa Nanak ih Dhan saar. ||1||
Practice the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.
O Nanak, this is the most excellent wealth.


sant janaa mil karahu beechaar.
Joining the Company of the Saints, practice deep meditation.

ayk simar naam aadhaar.
Remember the One, and take the Support of the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

avar upaav sabh meet bisaarahu.

charan kamal rid meh ur Dhaarahu.
enshrine the Lord's Lotus Feet within your heart.

karan kaaran so parabh samrath.
God is All-powerful; He is the Cause of causes.

darirh kar gahhu naam har vath.
Grasp firmly the object of the Lord's Name.

ih Dhan sanchahu hovhu bhagvant.
Gather this wealth, and become very fortunate.

sant janaa kaa nirmal mant.
Pure are the instructions of the humble Saints.

ayk aas raakho man maahi.
Keep faith in the One Lord within your mind.

sarab rog Nanak mit jaahi. ||1||
All disease, O Nanak, shall then be dispelled.

jis Dhan ka-o chaar kunt uth Dhaaveh.

so Dhan har sayvaa tay paavahi.
you shall obtain that wealth by serving the Lord.

jis sukh ka-o nit baachheh meet.

so sukh saadhoo sang pareet.
that peace comes by the love of the Company of the Holy.

jis sobhaa ka-o karahi bhalee karnee.

saa sobhaa bhaj har kee sarnee.
you shall obtain that glory by seeking the Lord's Sanctuary.

anik upaavee rog na jaa-ay.

rog mitai har avkhaDh laa-ay.
the disease is cured only by giving the medicine of the Lord's Name.

sarab niDhaan meh har naam niDhaan.
Of all treasures, the Lord's Name is the supreme treasure.

jap Nanak dargahi parvaan. ||2||
Chant it, O Nanak, and be accepted in the Court of the Lord.

man parboDhahu har kai naa-ay.
Enlighten your mind with the Name of the Lord.

dah dis Dhaavat aavai thaa-ay.
Having wandered around in the ten directions, it comes to its place of rest.

taa ka-o bighan na laagai ko-ay.

jaa kai ridai basai har so-ay.
whose heart is filled with the Lord.

kal taatee thaaNdhaa har naa-o.
The Dark Age of Kali Yuga is so hot; the Lord's Name is soothing and cool.

simar simar sadaa sukh paa-o.
Remember, remember it in meditation, and obtain everlasting peace.

bha-o binsai pooran ho-ay aas.
Your fear shall be dispelled, and your hopes shall be fulfilled.

bhagat bhaa-ay aatam pargaas.
By devotional worship and loving adoration, your soul shall be enlightened.

tit ghar jaa-ay basai abhinaasee.
You shall go to that home, and live forever.

kaho Nanak kaatee jam faasee. ||3||
Says Nanak, the noose of death is cut away.

tat beechaar kahai jan saachaa.
One who contemplates the essence of reality, is said to be the true person.

janam marai so kaacho kaachaa.
Birth and death are the lot of the false and the insincere.

aavaa gavan mitai parabh sayv.
Coming and going in reincarnation is ended by serving God.

aap ti-aag saran gurdayv.
Give up your selfishness and conceit, and seek the Sanctuary of the Divine Guru.

i-o ratan janam kaa ho-ay uDhaar.
Thus the jewel of this human life is saved.

har har simar paraan aaDhaar.
Remember the Lord, Har, Har, the Support of the breath of life.

anik upaav na chhootanhaaray.

simrit saasat bayd beechaaray.
not by studying the Simritees, the Shaastras or the Vedas.

har kee bhagat karahu man laa-ay.
Worship the Lord with whole-hearted devotion.

man banchhat Nanak fal paa-ay. ||4||
O Nanak, you shall obtain the fruits of your mind's desire.

sang na chaalas tayrai Dhanaa.

tooN ki-aa laptaavahi moorakh manaa.

sut meet kutamb ar banitaa.

in tay kahhu tum kavan sanaathaa.

raaj rang maa-i-aa bisthaar.

in tay kahhu kavan chhutkaar.

as hastee rath asvaaree.

jhoothaa damf jhooth paasaaree.
false shows and false displays.

jin dee-ay tis bujhai na bigaanaa.

naam bisaar Nanak pachhutaanaa. ||5||
forgetting the Naam, O Nanak, he will repent in the end.

gur kee mat tooN layhi i-aanay.

bhagat binaa baho doobay si-aanay.
without devotion, even the clever have drowned.

har kee bhagat karahu man meet.

nirmal ho-ay tumHaaro cheet.
your consciousness shall become pure.

charan kamal raakho man maahi.

janam janam kay kilbikh jaahi.
the sins of countless lifetimes shall depart.

aap japahu avraa naam japaavhu.
Chant the Naam yourself, and inspire others to chant it as well.

sunat kahat rahat gat paavhu.
Hearing, speaking and living it, emancipation is obtained.

saar bhoot sat har ko naa-o.
The essential reality is the True Name of the Lord.

sahj subhaa-ay Nanak gun gaa-o. ||6||
With intuitive ease, O Nanak, sing His Glorious Praises.

gun gaavat tayree utras mail.
Chanting His Glories, your filth shall be washed off.

binas jaa-ay ha-umai bikh fail.
The all-consuming poison of ego will be gone.

hohi achint basai sukh naal.
You shall become carefree, and you shall dwell in peace.

saas garaas har naam samaal.
With every breath and every morsel of food, cherish the Lord's Name.

chhaad si-aanap saglee manaa.
Renounce all clever tricks, O mind.

saadhsang paavahi sach Dhanaa.
In the Company of the Holy, you shall obtain the true wealth.

har poonjee sanch karahu bi-uhaar.
So gather the Lord's Name as your capital, and trade in it.

eehaa sukh dargeh jaikaar.
In this world you shall be at peace, and in the Court of the Lord, you shall be acclaimed.

sarab nirantar ayko daykh.

kaho Nanak jaa kai mastak laykh. ||7||
says Nanak, your destiny is pre-ordained.

ayko jap ayko saalaahi.
Meditate on the One, and worship the One.

ayk simar ayko man aahi.
Remember the One, and yearn for the One in your mind.

aykas kay gun gaa-o anant.
Sing the endless Glorious Praises of the One.

man tan jaap ayk bhagvant.
With mind and body, meditate on the One Lord God.

ayko ayk ayk har aap.
The One Lord Himself is the One and Only.

pooran poor rahi-o parabh bi-aap.
The Pervading Lord God is totally permeating all.

anik bisthaar ayk tay bha-ay.
The many expanses of the creation have all come from the One.

ayk araaDh paraachhat ga-ay.
Adoring the One, past sins are removed.

man tan antar ayk parabh raataa.
Mind and body within are imbued with the One God.

gur parsaad Nanak ik jaataa. ||8||19||
By Guru's Grace, O Nanak, the One is known.


firat firat parabh aa-i-aa pari-aa ta-o sarnaa-ay.
After wandering and wandering, O God, I have come, and entered Your Sanctuary.

Nanak kee parabh bayntee apnee bhagtee laa-ay. ||1||
This is Nanak's prayer, O God please, attach me to Your devotional service.


jaachak jan jaachai parabh daan.

kar kirpaa dayvhu har naam.
please, by Your Mercy, Lord, give me Your Name.

saadh janaa kee maaga-o Dhoor.
I ask for the dust of the feet of the Holy.

paarbarahm mayree sarDhaa poor.

sadaa sadaa parabh kay gun gaava-o.
may I sing the Glorious Praises of God forever and ever.

saas saas parabh tumeh Dhi-aava-o.
With each and every breath, may I meditate on You, O God.

charan kamal si-o laagai pareet.
May I enshrine affection for Your Lotus Feet.

bhagat kara-o parabh kee nit neet.
May I perform devotional worship to God each and every day.

ayk ot ayko aaDhaar.
You are my only Shelter, my only Support.

Nanak maagai naam parabh saar. ||1||
Nanak asks for the most sublime, the Naam, the Name of God.

parabh kee darisat mahaa sukh ho-ay.
By God's Gracious Glance, there is great peace.

har ras paavai birlaa ko-ay.
Rare are those who obtain the juice of the Lord's essence.

jin chaakhi-aa say jan tariptaanay.
Those who taste it are satisfied.

pooran purakh nahee dolaanay.
They are fulfilled and realized beings, they do not waver.

subhar bharay paraym ras rang.
They are totally filled to over-flowing with the sweet delight of His Love.

upjai chaa-o saadh kai sang.
Spiritual delight wells up within, in the saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.

paray saran aan sabh ti-aag.
Taking to His Sanctuary, they forsake all others.

antar pargaas an-din liv laag.
Deep within, they are enlightened, and they center themselves on Him, day and night.

badbhaagee japi-aa parabh so-ay.
Most fortunate are those who meditate on God.

Nanak naam ratay sukh ho-ay. ||2||
O Nanak, attuned to the Naam, they are at peace.

sayvak kee mansaa pooree bha-ee.
The wishes of the Lord's servant are fulfilled.

satgur tay nirmal mat la-ee.
From the True Guru, the pure teachings are obtained.

jan ka-o parabh ho-i-o da-i-aal.
Unto His humble servant, God has shown His kindness.

sayvak keeno sadaa nihaal.
He has made His servant eternally happy.

banDhan kaat mukat jan bha-i-aa.
The bonds of His humble servant are cut away, and he is liberated.

janam maran dookh bharam ga-i-aa.
The pains of birth and death, and doubt are gone.

ichh punee sarDhaa sabh pooree.

rav rahi-aa sad sang hajooree.
imbued forever with His all-pervading peace.

jis kaa saa tin lee-aa milaa-ay.
He is His, he merges in Union with Him.

Nanak bhagtee naam samaa-ay. ||3||
Nanak is absorbed in devotional worship of the Naam.

so ki-o bisrai je ghaal na bhaanai.

so ki-o bisrai je kee-aa jaanai.

so ki-o bisrai jin sabh kichh dee-aa.

so ki-o bisrai je jeevan jee-aa.

so ki-o bisrai je agan meh raakhai.

gur parsaad ko birlaa laakhai.
By Guru's Grace, rare is the one who realizes this.

so ki-o bisrai je bikh tay kaadhai.

janam janam kaa tootaa gaadhai.
Those separated from Him for countless lifetimes, are re-united with Him once again.

gur poorai tat ihai bujhaa-i-aa.
Through the Perfect Guru, this essential reality is understood.

parabh apnaa Nanak jan Dhi-aa-i-aa. ||4||
O Nanak, God's humble servants meditate on Him.

saajan sant karahu ih kaam.
O friends, O Saints, make this your work.

aan ti-aag japahu har naam.
Renounce everything else, and chant the Name of the Lord.

simar simar simar sukh paavhu.
Meditate, meditate, meditate in remembrance of Him, and find peace.

aap japahu avrah naam japaavhu.
Chant the Naam yourself, and inspire others to chant it.

bhagat bhaa-ay taree-ai sansaar.
By loving devotional worship, you shall cross over the world-ocean.

bin bhagtee tan hosee chhaar.
Without devotional meditation, the body will be just ashes.

sarab kali-aan sookh niDh naam.
All joys and comforts are in the treasure of the Naam.

boodat jaat paa-ay bisraam.
Even the drowning can reach the place of rest and safety.

sagal dookh kaa hovat naas.
All sorrows shall vanish.

Nanak naam japahu guntaas. ||5||
O Nanak, chant the Naam, the treasure of excellence.

upjee pareet paraym ras chaa-o.

man tan antar ihee su-aa-o.

naytarahu paykh daras sukh ho-ay.
beholding with my eyes His Blessed Vision, I am at peace.

man bigsai saadh charan Dho-ay.
My mind blossoms forth in ecstasy, washing the feet of the Holy.

bhagat janaa kai man tan rang.
The minds and bodies of His devotees are infused with His Love.

birlaa ko-oo paavai sang.
Rare is the one who obtains their company.

ayk basat deejai kar ma-i-aa.

gur parsaad naam jap la-i-aa.
by Guru's Grace, may I chant the Naam.

taa kee upmaa kahee na jaa-ay.

Nanak rahi-aa sarab samaa-ay. ||6||
O Nanak, He is contained among all.

parabh bakhsand deen da-i-aal.
God, the Forgiving Lord, is kind to the poor.

bhagat vachhal sadaa kirpaal.
He loves His devotees, and He is always merciful to them.

anaath naath gobind gupaal.

sarab ghataa karat partipaal.
the Nourisher of all beings.

aad purakh kaaran kartaar.
The Primal Being, the Creator of the Creation.

bhagat janaa kay paraan aDhaar.
The Support of the breath of life of His devotees.

jo jo japai so ho-ay puneet.

bhagat bhaa-ay laavai man heet.
focusing the mind in loving devotional worship.

ham nirgunee-aar neech ajaan.
I am unworthy, lowly and ignorant.

Nanak tumree saran purakh bhagvaan. ||7||
Nanak has entered Your Sanctuary, O Supreme Lord God.

sarab baikunth mukat mokh paa-ay.

ayk nimakh har kay gun gaa-ay.
if one sings the Lord's Glories, even for an instant.

anik raaj bhog badi-aa-ee.

har kay naam kee kathaa man bhaa-ee.
come to one whose mind is pleased with the Sermon of the Lord's Name.

baho bhojan kaapar sangeet.

rasnaa japtee har har neet.
come to one whose tongue continually chants the Lord's Name, Har, Har.

bhalee so karnee sobhaa Dhanvant.

hirdai basay pooran gur mant.
the Mantra of the Perfect Guru dwells within his heart.

saadhsang parabh dayh nivaas.
O God, grant me a home in the Company of the Holy.

sarab sookh Nanak pargaas. ||8||20||
All pleasures, O Nanak, are so revealed.


sargun nirgun nirankaar sunn samaaDhee aap.
He possesses all qualities; He transcends all qualities; He is the Formless Lord.
He Himself is in Primal Samaadhi.

aapan kee-aa naankaa aapay hee fir jaap. ||1||
Through His Creation, O Nanak, He meditates on Himself.


jab akaar ih kachh na daristaytaa.

paap punn tab kah tay hotaa.

jab Dhaaree aapan sunn samaaDh.

tab bair biroDh kis sang kamaat.

jab is kaa baran chihan na jaapat.

tab harakh sog kaho kiseh bi-aapat.

jab aapan aap aap paarbarahm.

tab moh kahaa kis hovat bharam.

aapan khayl aap varteejaa.

Nanak karnaihaar na doojaa. ||1||
O Nanak, there is no other Creator.

jab hovat parabh kayval Dhanee.

tab banDh mukat kaho kis ka-o ganee.

jab aykeh har agam apaar.

tab narak surag kaho ka-un a-utaar.

jab nirgun parabh sahj subhaa-ay.

tab siv sakat kahhu kit thaa-ay.

jab aapeh aap apnee jot Dharai.

tab kavan nidar kavan kat darai.

aapan chalit aap karnaihaar.

Nanak thaakur agam apaar. ||2||
O Nanak, the Lord Master is Unfathomable and Infinite.

abhinaasee sukh aapan aasan.

tah janam maran kaho kahaa binaasan.

jab pooran kartaa parabh so-ay.

tab jam kee taraas kahhu kis ho-ay.

jab abigat agochar parabh aykaa.

tab chitar gupat kis poochhat laykhaa.

jab naath niranjan agochar agaaDhay.

tab ka-un chhutay ka-un banDhan baaDhay.

aapan aap aap hee acharjaa.
He Himself, in and of Himself, is the most wonderful.

Nanak aapan roop aap hee uparjaa. ||3||
O Nanak, He Himself created His Own Form.

jah nirmal purakh purakh pat hotaa.

tah bin mail kahhu ki-aa Dhotaa.

jah niranjan nirankaar nirbaan.

tah ka-un ka-o maan ka-un abhimaan.

jah saroop kayval jagdees.

tah chhal chhidar lagat kaho kees.

jah jot saroopee jot sang samaavai.

tah kiseh bhookh kavan tariptaavai.

karan karaavan karnaihaar.
He is the Cause of causes, the Creator Lord.

Nanak kartay kaa naahi sumaar. ||4||
O Nanak, the Creator is beyond calculation.

jab apnee sobhaa aapan sang banaa-ee.

tab kavan maa-ay baap mitar sut bhaa-ee.

jah sarab kalaa aapeh parbeen.

tah bayd katayb kahaa ko-oo cheen.

jab aapan aap aap ur Dhaarai.

ta-o sagan apasgan kahaa beechaarai.

jah aapan ooch aapan aap nayraa.

tah ka-un thaakur ka-un kahee-ai chayraa.

bisman bisam rahay bismaad.
We are wonder-struck at the wondrous wonder of the Lord.

Nanak apnee gat jaanhu aap. ||5||
O Nanak, He alone knows His own state.

jah achhal achhayd abhayd samaa-i-aa.

oohaa kiseh bi-aapat maa-i-aa.

aapas ka-o aapeh aadays.

tihu gun kaa naahee parvays.
then the three qualities were not prevailing.

jah aykeh ayk ayk bhagvantaa.

tah ka-un achint kis laagai chintaa.

jah aapan aap aap patee-aaraa.

tah ka-un kathai ka-un sunnaihaaraa.

baho bay-ant ooch tay oochaa.
He is vast and infinite, the highest of the high.

Nanak aapas ka-o aapeh pahoochaa. ||6||
O Nanak, He alone can reach Himself.

jah aap rachi-o parpanch akaar.

tihu gun meh keeno bisthaar.
he made the world subject to the three dispositions.

paap punn tah bha-ee kahaavat.
Sin and virtue then began to be spoken of.

ko-oo narak ko-oo surag banchhaavat.
Some have gone to hell, and some yearn for paradise.

aal jaal maa-i-aa janjaal.

ha-umai moh bharam bhai bhaar.

dookh sookh maan apmaan.

anik parkaar kee-o bakh-yaan.
these came to be described in various ways.

aapan khayl aap kar daykhai.
He Himself creates and beholds His own drama.

khayl sankochai ta-o Nanak aykai. ||7||
He winds up the drama, and then, O Nanak, He alone remains.

jah abigat bhagat tah aap.
Wherever the Eternal Lord's devotee is, He Himself is there.

jah pasrai paasaar sant partaap.
He unfolds the expanse of His creation for the glory of His Saint.

duhoo paakh kaa aapeh Dhanee.
He Himself is the Master of both worlds.

un kee sobhaa unhoo banee.
His Praise is to Himself alone.

aapeh ka-utak karai anad choj.
He Himself performs and plays His amusements and games.

aapeh ras bhogan nirjog.
He Himself enjoys pleasures, and yet He is unaffected and untouched.

jis bhaavai tis aapan naa-ay laavai.
He attaches whomever He pleases to His Name.

jis bhaavai tis khayl khilaavai.
He causes whomever He pleases to play in His play.

baysumaar athaah agnat atolai.
He is beyond calculation, beyond measure, uncountable and unfathomable.

ji-o bulaavhu ti-o Nanak daas bolai. ||8||21||
As You inspire him to speak, O Lord, so does servant Nanak speak.


jee-a jant kay thaakuraa aapay vartanhaar.
O Lord and Master of all beings and creatures, You Yourself are prevailing everywhere.

Nanak ayko pasri-aa doojaa kah daristaar.


aap kathai aap sunnaihaar.
He Himself is the speaker, and He Himself is the listener.

aapeh ayk aap bisthaar.
He Himself is the One, and He Himself is the many.

jaa tis bhaavai taa sarisat upaa-ay.
When it pleases Him, He creates the world.

aapnai bhaanai la-ay samaa-ay.
As He pleases, He absorbs it back into Himself.

tum tay bhinn nahee kichh ho-ay.
Without You, nothing can be done.

aapan soot sabh jagat paro-ay.
Upon Your thread, You have strung the whole world.

jaa ka-o parabh jee-o aap bujhaa-ay.

sach naam so-ee jan paa-ay.
that person obtains the True Name.

so samadrasee tat kaa baytaa.
He looks impartially upon all, and he knows the essential reality.

Nanak sagal sarisat kaa jaytaa. ||1||
O Nanak, he conquers the whole world.

jee-a jantar sabh taa kai haath.
All beings and creatures are in His Hands.

deen da-i-aal anaath ko naath.
He is Merciful to the meek, the Patron of the patronless.

jis raakhai tis ko-ay na maarai.
No one can kill those who are protected by Him.

so moo-aa jis manhu bisaarai.
One who is forgotten by God, is already dead.

tis taj avar kahaa ko jaa-ay.

sabh sir ayk niranjan raa-ay.
Over the heads of all is the One, the Immaculate King.

jee-a kee jugat jaa kai sabh haath.
The ways and means of all beings are in His Hands.

antar baahar jaanhu saath.
Inwardly and outwardly, know that He is with you.

gun niDhaan bay-ant apaar.
He is the Ocean of excellence, infinite and endless.

Nanak daas sadaa balihaar. ||2||
Slave Nanak is forever a sacrifice to Him.

pooran poor rahay da-i-aal.
The Perfect, Merciful Lord is pervading everywhere.

sabh oopar hovat kirpaal.
His kindness extends to all.

apnay kartab jaanai aap.
He Himself knows His own ways.

antarjaamee rahi-o bi-aap.
The Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts, is present everywhere.

paratipaalai jee-an baho bhaat.
He cherishes His living beings in so many ways.

jo jo rachi-o so tiseh Dhi-aat.
That which He has created meditates on Him.

jis bhaavai tis la-ay milaa-ay.
Whoever pleases Him, He blends into Himself.

bhagat karahi har kay gun gaa-ay.
They perform His devotional service and sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord.

man antar bisvaas kar maani-aa.
With heart-felt faith, they believe in Him.

karanhaar Nanak ik jaani-aa. ||3||
O Nanak, they realize the One, the Creator Lord.

jan laagaa har aykai naa-ay.
The Lord's humble servant is committed to His Name.

tis kee aas na birthee jaa-ay.
His hopes do not go in vain.

sayvak ka-o sayvaa ban aa-ee.

hukam boojh param pad paa-ee.
obeying the Lord's Command, the supreme status is obtained.

is tay oopar nahee beechaar.
Beyond this, he has no other thought.

jaa kai man basi-aa nirankaar.
Within his mind, the Formless Lord abides.

banDhan tor bha-ay nirvair.
His bonds are cut away, and he becomes free of hatred.

an-din poojeh gur kay pair.
Night and day, he worships the Feet of the Guru.

ih lok sukhee-ay parlok suhaylay.
He is at peace in this world, and happy in the next.

Nanak har parabh aapeh maylay. ||4||
O Nanak, the Lord God unites him with Himself.

saadhsang mil karahu anand.
Join the Company of the Holy, and be happy.

gun gaavhu parabh parmaanand.
Sing the Glories of God, the embodiment of supreme bliss.

raam naam tat karahu beechaar.
Contemplate the essence of the Lord's Name.

darulabh dayh kaa karahu uDhaar.
Redeem this human body, so difficult to obtain.

amrit bachan har kay gun gaa-o.

paraan taran kaa ihai su-aa-o.
this is the way to save your mortal soul.

aath pahar parabh paykhahu nayraa.
Behold God near at hand, twenty-four hours a day.

mitai agi-aan binsai anDhayraa.
Ignorance shall depart, and darkness shall be dispelled.

sun updays hirdai basaavhu.
Listen to the Teachings, and enshrine them in your heart.

man ichhay Nanak fal paavhu. ||5||
O Nanak, you shall obtain the fruits of your mind's desires.

halat palat du-ay layho savaar.

raam naam antar ur Dhaar.
enshrine the Lord's Name deep within your heart.

pooray gur kee pooree deekhi-aa.
Perfect are the Teachings of the Perfect Guru.

jis man basai tis saach pareekhi-aa.
That person, within whose mind it abides, realizes the Truth.

man tan naam japahu liv laa-ay.
With your mind and body, chant the Naam; lovingly attune yourself to it.

dookh darad man tay bha-o jaa-ay.
Sorrow, pain and fear shall depart from your mind.

sach vaapaar karahu vaapaaree.

dargeh nibhai khayp tumaaree.
and your merchandise shall be safe in the Court of the Lord.

aykaa tayk rakhahu man maahi.
Keep the Support of the One in your mind.

Nanak bahur na aavahi jaahi. ||6||
O Nanak, you shall not have to come and go in reincarnation again.

tis tay door kahaa ko jaa-ay.

ubrai raakhanhaar Dhi-aa-ay.
Meditating on the Protector Lord, you shall be saved.

nirbha-o japai sagal bha-o mitai.
Meditating on the Fearless Lord, all fear departs.

parabh kirpaa tay paraanee chhutai.
By God's Grace, mortals are released.

jis parabh raakhai tis naahee dookh.
One who is protected by God never suffers in pain.

naam japat man hovat sookh.
Chanting the Naam, the mind becomes peaceful.

chintaa jaa-ay mitai ahaNkaar.
Anxiety departs, and ego is eliminated.

tis jan ka-o ko-ay na pahuchanhaar.
No one can equal that humble servant.

sir oopar thaadhaa gur sooraa.
The Brave and Powerful Guru stands over his head.

Nanak taa kay kaaraj pooraa. ||7||
O Nanak, his efforts are fulfilled.

mat pooree amrit jaa kee darisat.
His wisdom is perfect, and His Glance is Ambrosial.

darsan paykhat uDhrat sarisat.
Beholding His Vision, the universe is saved.

charan kamal jaa kay anoop.
His Lotus Feet are incomparably beautiful.

safal darsan sundar har roop.
The Blessed Vision of His Darshan is fruitful and rewarding; His Lordly Form is beautiful.

Dhan sayvaa sayvak parvaan.
Blessed is His service; His servant is famous.

antarjaamee purakh parDhaan.
The Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts, is the most exalted Supreme Being.

jis man basai so hot nihaal.
That one, within whose mind He abides, is blissfully happy.

taa kai nikat na aavat kaal.
Death does not draw near him.

amar bha-ay amraa pad paa-i-aa.

saadhsang Nanak har Dhi-aa-i-aa. ||8||22||
meditating on the Lord, O Nanak, in the Company of the Holy.


gi-aan anjan gur dee-aa agi-aan anDhayr binaas.
The Guru has given the healing ointment of spiritual wisdom, and dispelled the darkness of ignorance.

har kirpaa tay sant bhayti-aa Nanak man pargaas. ||1||
By the Lord's Grace, I have met the Saint; O Nanak, my mind is enlightened.


satsang antar parabh deethaa.
In the Society of the Saints, I see God deep within my being.

naam parabhoo kaa laagaa meethaa.
God's Name is sweet to me.

sagal samagree aykas ghat maahi.

anik rang naanaa daristaahi.
although they appear in so many various colors.

na-o niDh amrit parabh kaa naam.
The nine treasures are in the Ambrosial Name of God.

dayhee meh is kaa bisraam.
Within the human body is its place of rest.

sunn samaaDh anhat tah naad.
The Deepest Samaadhi, and the unstruck sound current of the Naad are there.

kahan na jaa-ee achraj bismaad.
The wonder and marvel of it cannot be described.

tin daykhi-aa jis aap dikhaa-ay.
He alone sees it, unto whom God Himself reveals it.

Nanak tis jan sojhee paa-ay. ||1||
O Nanak, that humble being understands.

so antar so baahar anant.
The Infinite Lord is inside, and outside as well.

ghat ghat bi-aap rahi-aa bhagvant.
Deep within each and every heart, the Lord God is pervading.

Dharan maahi aakaas pa-i-aal.

sarab lok pooran partipaal.
in all worlds, He is the Perfect Cherisher.

ban tin parbat hai paarbarahm.
In the forests, fields and mountains, He is the Supreme Lord God.

jaisee aagi-aa taisaa karam.
As He orders, so do His creatures act.

pa-un paanee baisantar maahi.
He permeates the winds and the waters.

chaar kunt dah disay samaahi.
He is pervading in the four corners and in the ten directions.

tis tay bhinn nahee ko thaa-o.
Without Him, there is no place at all.

gur parsaad Nanak sukh paa-o. ||2||
By Guru's Grace, O Nanak, peace is obtained.

bayd puraan simrit meh daykh.
See Him in the Vedas, the Puraanas and the Simritees.

sasee-ar soor nakh-yatar meh ayk.
In the moon, the sun and the stars, He is the One.

banee parabh kee sabh ko bolai.
The Bani of God's Word is spoken by everyone.

aap adol na kabhoo dolai.
He Himself is unwavering, He never wavers.

sarab kalaa kar khaylai khayl.
With absolute power, He plays His play.

mol na paa-ee-ai gunah amol.
His value cannot be estimated; His virtues are invaluable.

sarab jot meh jaa kee jot.
In all light, is His Light.

Dhaar rahi-o su-aamee ot pot.
The Lord and Master supports the weave of the fabric of the universe.

gur parsaad bharam kaa naas.
By Guru's Grace, doubt is dispelled.

Nanak tin meh ayhu bisaas. ||3||
O Nanak, this faith is firmly implanted within.

sant janaa kaa paykhan sabh barahm.
In the eye of the Saint, everything is God.

sant janaa kai hirdai sabh Dharam.
In the heart of the Saint, everything is Dharma.

sant janaa suneh subh bachan.
The Saint hears words of goodness.

sarab bi-aapee raam sang rachan.
He is absorbed in the All-pervading Lord.

jin jaataa tis kee ih rahat.
This is the way of life of one who knows God.

sat bachan saadhoo sabh kahat.
True are all the words spoken by the Holy.

jo jo ho-ay so-ee sukh maanai.
Whatever happens, he peacefully accepts.

karan karaavanhaar parabh jaanai.
He knows God as the Doer, the Cause of causes.

antar basay baahar bhee ohee.
He dwells inside, and outside as well.

Nanak darsan daykh sabh mohee. ||4||
O Nanak, beholding the Blessed Vision of His Darshan, all are fascinated.

aap sat kee-aa sabh sat.
He Himself is True, and all that He has made is True.

tis parabh tay saglee utpat.
The entire creation came from God.

tis bhaavai taa karay bisthaar.
As it pleases Him, He creates the expanse.

tis bhaavai taa aykankaar.
As it pleases Him, He becomes the One and Only again.

anik kalaa lakhee nah jaa-ay.
His powers are so numerous, they cannot be known.

jis bhaavai tis la-ay milaa-ay.
As it pleases Him, He merges us into Himself again.

kavan nikat kavan kahee-ai door.

aapay aap aap bharpoor.
He Himself is Himself pervading everywhere.

antargat jis aap janaa-ay.

Nanak tis jan aap bujhaa-ay. ||5||
O Nanak, He causes that person to understand Him.

sarab bhoot aap vartaaraa.
In all forms, He Himself is pervading.

sarab nain aap paykhanhaaraa.
Through all eyes, He Himself is watching.

sagal samagree jaa kaa tanaa.
All the creation is His Body.

aapan jas aap hee sunaa.
He Himself listens to His Own Praise.

aavan jaan ik khayl banaa-i-aa.
The One has created the drama of coming and going.

aagi-aakaaree keenee maa-i-aa.
He made Maya subservient to His Will.

sabh kai maDh alipato rahai.
In the midst of all, He remains unattached.

jo kichh kahnaa so aapay kahai.
Whatever is said, He Himself says.

aagi-aa aavai aagi-aa jaa-ay.
By His Will we come, and by His Will we go.

Nanak jaa bhaavai taa la-ay samaa-ay. ||6||
O Nanak, when it pleases Him, then He absorbs us into Himself.

is tay ho-ay so naahee buraa.
If it comes from Him, it cannot be bad.

orai kahhu kinai kachh karaa.

aap bhalaa kartoot at neekee.
He Himself is good; His actions are the very best.

aapay jaanai apnay jee kee.
He Himself knows His Own Being.

aap saach Dhaaree sabh saach.
He Himself is True, and all that He has established is True.

ot pot aapan sang raach.
Through and through, He is blended with His creation.

taa kee gat mit kahee na jaa-ay.
His state and extent cannot be described.

doosar ho-ay ta sojhee paa-ay.
If there were another like Him, then only he could understand Him.

tis kaa kee-aa sabh parvaan.
His actions are all approved and accepted.

gur parsaad Nanak ih jaan. ||7||
By Guru's Grace, O Nanak, this is known.

jo jaanai tis sadaa sukh ho-ay.
One who knows Him, obtains everlasting peace.

aap milaa-ay la-ay parabh so-ay.
God blends that one into Himself.

oh Dhanvant kulvant pativant.
He is wealth and prosperous, and of noble birth.

jeevan mukat jis ridai bhagvant.
He is Jivan Mukta, liberated while yet alive; the Lord God abides in his heart.

Dhan Dhan Dhan jan aa-i-aa.

jis parsaad sabh jagat taraa-i-aa.
by his grace, the whole world is saved.

jan aavan kaa ihai su-aa-o.

jan kai sang chit aavai naa-o.
in the Company of this humble servant, the Lord's Name comes to mind.

aap mukat mukat karai sansaar.
He Himself is liberated, and He liberates the universe.

Nanak tis jan ka-o sadaa namaskaar. ||8||23||
O Nanak, to that humble servant, I bow in reverence forever.


pooraa parabh aaraaDhi-aa pooraa jaa kaa naa-o.
I worship and adore the Perfect Lord God.
Perfect is His Name.

Nanak pooraa paa-i-aa pooray kay gun gaa-o. ||1||
O Nanak, I have obtained the Perfect One; I sing the Glorious Praises of the Perfect Lord.


pooray gur kaa sun updays.

paarbarahm nikat kar paykh.
see the Supreme Lord God near you.

saas saas simrahu gobind.

man antar kee utrai chind.
and the anxiety within your mind shall depart.

aas anit ti-aagahu tarang.

sant janaa kee Dhoor man mang.
and pray for the dust of the feet of the Saints.

aap chhod bayntee karahu.
Renounce your selfishness and conceit and offer your prayers.

saadhsang agan saagar tarahu.
In the saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, cross over the ocean of fire.

har Dhan kay bhar layho bhandaar.
Fill your stores with the wealth of the Lord.

Nanak gur pooray namaskaar. ||1||
Nanak bows in humility and reverence to the Perfect Guru.

khaym kusal sahj aanand.

saadhsang bhaj parmaanand.
in the Company of the Holy, meditate on the Lord of supreme bliss.

narak nivaar uDhaarahu jee-o.

gun gobind amrit ras pee-o.
Drink in the ambrosial essence of the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe.

chit chitvahu naaraa-in ayk.

ayk roop jaa kay rang anayk.
He has One Form, but He has many manifestations.

gopaal daamodar deen da-i-aal.

dukh bhanjan pooran kirpaal.
Destroyer of sorrow, perfectly Merciful.

simar simar naam baaraN baar.
Meditate, meditate in remembrance on the Naam, again and again.

Nanak jee-a kaa ihai aDhaar. ||2||
O Nanak, it is the Support of the soul.

utam salok saadh kay bachan.
The most sublime hymns are the Words of the Holy.

amuleek laal ayhi ratan.
These are priceless rubies and gems.

sunat kamaavat hot uDhaar.
One who listens and acts on them is saved.

aap tarai lokah nistaar.
He himself swims across, and saves others as well.

safal jeevan safal taa kaa sang.

jaa kai man laagaa har rang.
his mind is imbued with the love of the Lord.

jai jai sabad anaahad vaajai.
Hail, hail to him, for whom the sound current of the Shabad vibrates.

sun sun anad karay parabh gaajai.
Hearing it again and again, he is in bliss, proclaiming God's Praises.

pargatay gupaal mahaaNt kai maathay.
The Lord radiates from the foreheads of the Holy.

Nanak uDhray tin kai saathay. ||3||
Nanak is saved in their company.

saran jog sun sarnee aa-ay.
Hearing that He can give Sanctuary, I have come seeking His Sanctuary.

kar kirpaa parabh aap milaa-ay.
Bestowing His Mercy, God has blended me with Himself.

mit ga-ay bair bha-ay sabh rayn.
Hatred is gone, and I have become the dust of all.

amrit naam saadhsang lain.
I have received the Ambrosial Naam in the Company of the Holy.

suparsan bha-ay gurdayv.
The Divine Guru is perfectly pleased.

pooran ho-ee sayvak kee sayv.
the service of His servant has been rewarded.

aal janjaal bikaar tay rahtay.
I have been released from worldly entanglements and corruption,

raam naam sun rasnaa kahtay.
hearing the Lord's Name and chanting it with my tongue.

kar parsaad da-i-aa parabh Dhaaree.
By His Grace, God has bestowed His Mercy.

Nanak nibhee khayp hamaaree. ||4||
O Nanak, my merchandise has arrived save and sound.

parabh kee ustat karahu sant meet.

saavDhaan aykaagar cheet.
with total concentration and one-pointedness of mind.

sukhmanee sahj gobind gun naam.
Sukhmani is the peaceful ease, the Glory of God, the Naam.

jis man basai so hot niDhaan.
When it abides in the mind, one becomes wealthy.

sarab ichhaa taa kee pooran ho-ay.
All desires are fulfilled.

parDhaan purakh pargat sabh lo-ay.
One becomes the most respected person, famous all over the world.

sabh tay ooch paa-ay asthaan.
He obtains the highest place of all.

bahur na hovai aavan jaan.
He does not come and go in reincarnation any longer.

har Dhan khaat chalai jan so-ay.
One who departs, after earning the wealth of the Lord's Name.

Nanak jisahi paraapat ho-ay. ||5||
O Nanak, realizes it.

khaym saant ridh nav niDh.
Comfort, peace and tranquility, wealth and the nine treasures.

budh gi-aan sarab tah siDh.
Wisdom, knowledge, and all spiritual powers;

bidi-aa tap jog parabh Dhi-aan.
Learning, penance, Yoga and meditation on God.

gi-aan saraysat ootam isnaan.
The most sublime wisdom and purifying baths.

chaar padaarath kamal pargaas.
The four cardinal blessings, the opening of the heart-lotus.

sabh kai maDh sagal tay udaas.
In the midst of all, and yet detached from all.

sundar chatur tat kaa baytaa.
Beauty, intelligence, and the realization of reality.

samadrasee ayk daristaytaa.
To look impartially upon all, and to see only the One

ih fal tis jan kai mukh bhanay. gur Nanak naam bachan man sunay. ||6||
these blessings come to one who, through Guru Nanak, chants the Naam with his mouth, and hears the Word with his ears.

ih niDhaan japai man ko-ay.
One who chants this treasure in his mind.

sabh jug meh taa kee gat ho-ay.
In every age, he attains salvation.

gun gobind naam Dhun banee.
In it is the Glory of God, the Naam, the chanting of Gurbani.

simrit saastar bayd bakhaanee.
The Simritees, the Shaastras and the Vedas speak of it.

sagal mataaNt kayval har naam.
The essence of all religion is the Lord's Name alone.

gobind bhagat kai man bisraam.
It abides in the minds of the devotees of God.

kot apraaDh saadhsang mitai.
Millions of sins are erased, in the Company of the Holy.

sant kirpaa tay jam tay chhutai.
By the Grace of the Saint, one escapes the Messenger of Death.

jaa kai mastak karam parabh paa-ay.

saadh saran Nanak tay aa-ay. ||7||
O Nanak, enter the Sanctuary of the Saints.

jis man basai sunai laa-ay pareet.

tis jan aavai har parabh cheet.
that humble person consciously remembers the Lord God.

janam maran taa kaa dookh nivaarai.
The pains of birth and death are removed.

dulabh dayh tatkaal uDhaarai.
The human body, so difficult to obtain, is instantly redeemed.

nirmal sobhaa amrit taa kee baanee.
Spotlessly pure is his reputation, and ambrosial is his speech.

ayk naam man maahi samaanee.
The One name permeates his mind.

dookh rog binsay bhai bharam.
Sorrow, sickness, fear and doubt depart.

saadh naam nirmal taa kay karam.
He is called a Holy person; his actions are immaculate and pure.

sabh tay ooch taa kee sobhaa banee.
His glory becomes the highest of all.

Nanak ih gun naam sukhmanee. ||8||24||
O Nanak, these qualities are named sukhmani (peace joy). ||8||24||


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