Niyati - Divine Dispensation


It is evident that consciousness alone exists, but then why do even these sages and men of wisdom exist in this world, as if so ordained by God - and what is God?


There does exist O Rama the power of energy of infinite consciousness, which is in motion all the time: that alone is the reality of all inevitable futuristic events, for it penetrates all the epochs in time.

It is by that power that the nature of every object in the universe is ordained.

That power (cit-sakti) is also known as Mahasatta (the great existence), Mahaciti (the great intelligence), Mahasakti (the great power), Mahdrati (the great vision), Mahakriya (the great doer or doing), Mahabhava (the great becoming), Mahaspanda (the great vibration).

It is this power that endows everything with its characteristic quality. But this power is not different from or independent of the absolute Brahman (consciousness): it is as real as a pie in the sky. Sages make a verbal distinction between Brahman and the power, and declare that creation is the work of that power.

The distinction is purely verbal, even as one speaks of the body (as a whole) and its parts. Infinite consciousness becomes aware of its inherent power, even as one becomes aware of the limbs of his body: such awareness is known as niyati (the power of the absolute that determines nature). It is also known as daiva or divine dispensation.

That you should ask me these questions is ordained by niyati, and that you should act upon my teaching is also ordained by niyati. If one says "The divine will freed me" and remains idle, that also is the work of niyati. This niyati cannot be set aside even by gods.

But wise men should not give up self-effort because of this, for niyati functions only as and through self-effort.

This niyati has two aspects, human and super-human: the former is seen where self-effort bears fruit and the latter where it does not.

If one remains idle, depending upon niyati to do everything for him, he soon discovers that his life departs - for life is action.

He can, by entering into the highest superconscious state stop the breath, and attain liberation: but then that is indeed the greatest self-effort.

Infinite consciousness alone appears as one thing in one place and as another in another place. There is no division between wave and water, limbs and body, creation and consciousness.

Such division is experienced only in ignorance.

The Concise Yoga Vasistha - pg 73 to 74