Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Ham Eh Kaj Jagat Mo

A soothing shabad by Guru Gobind Singh Ji (1676), his role was to share spiritual truth and defend against tyranny.

The core message of the 10 Sikh gurus is 'apna Mool pashano' (realize your Self).

Ham eh kaaj, jagath mo aaye.
For this role, to the world I came.

Dharam het gurudev pathaye.
The One sent me to share truth.

Jehaa thehaa thum, dharam bitharo.
The One said, spread truth everywhere.

Dhusatt dokhiyan, pakar pacharo.
Tyrants and evil, seize and defeat.

Yahee kaaj, dharaa ham janaman.
For this role, truth took this birth.

Samajh laehu sadhu, sabh man man.
Realization for sages, of their true Self.

Param chalavan, sant oubaran.
Spread truth, and save the saints.

Dhusatt sabhan ko, mool uparan.
Tyrants and evil, weed and root out.