As all things are equally indwelt by intelligence, so at all times in every way the uncreated is all, the Self of all.

We use the expression 'all things' - it is only a figure of speech, for only infinite consciousness exists.

Just as there is no division between a bracelet and gold, there is no division between the universe and infinite consciousness.

The latter alone is the universe:

The universe as such is not infinite consciousness, just as the bracelet is made of gold, but gold is not made of the bracelet.

In that infinite consciousness there is an inherent non-recognition of its infinite nature that appears to manifest as 'I' and 'the world'.

Just as there is an image in a marble slab even if it has not been carved.

Even so this notion of 'I' and 'the world' exists in infinite consciousness.

That is known as Its creation.

The word 'creation' has no other connotation.

No creation takes place in the supreme being or infinite consciousness; and infinite consciousness is not involved in the creation.

They do not stand in a divided relationship to each other.

The Concise Yoga Vasistha - pg 71