Avidya (illusion) Appears In Vidya (reality)

Avidya (ignorance) arises in vidya (wisdom) just as ripples arise in the ocean; and avidya dissolves in vidya just as ripples dissolve in the water.

The distinction between the ripples and the water is unreal and verbal. Even so, the distinction between ignorance and knowledge is unreal and verbal.

There is neither ignorance here nor even knowledge!

When you cease to see knowledge and ignorance as two distinct entities, what exists alone exists.

The reflection of vidya (wisdom) in itself is considered avidya (ignorance). When these two notions are abandoned, what remains is the truth: it may be something or it may be nothing!

It is omnipotent, it is more empty than space and yet it is not empty because it is full of consciousness.

Like the space within a pot, it is indestructible and everywhere. It is the reality in all things.

Just as a magnet makes iron filings move by its very presence, it causes cosmic motion without intending to do so.

Hence, it is said that it does nothing at all. Thus, all this world-appearance with all the mobile and immobile beings in it is nothing whatsoever. Nothing has really become physical or material.

If conceptualization (which gives rise to notions of being and non-being) is eliminated, then it is realized that all these jiva (individual souls) are empty expressions.

All the relationships that arise in one's heart on account of ignorance are seen to be non-existent. Even when the rope is mistaken for the snake, no one can be bitten by that snake!

It is absence of Self-knowledge that is known as ignorance or delusion.

When the Self is known, one reaches the shores of limitless intelligence. When the consciousness objectifies itself and regards itself as its own object of observation, there is avidya (ignorance).

When this subject-object notion is transcended, all the veils that envelop the reality are removed. The individual is nothing more than the personalized mind.

Individuality ceases when that mind ceases; it remains as long as the notion of personality remains.

So long as there is a pot there is also notion of space enclosed within or confined to that pot; when it is broken, the infinite space alone is, even where the pot-space was imagined before.

(Concise Yoga Vasistha pg 267)