The Mind Is The Hub

Again, how can we relate which is seen in an hallucination and what is seen 'in front of our eyes?' Or what is truly unreal and what has really undergone a factual transformation? Hence, this cosmic illusion leads the unwary mind into endless difficulties.

The mind is the hub around which this vicious cycle revolves, creating delusion in the minds of the deluded.

It is by firmly restraining that hub through intense self-effort and keen intelligence that the whole wheel is brought to a standstill.

When the hub's motion is stopped, the wheel does not revolve: when the mind is stilled... illusion ceases. One who does not know this trick and does not practise it, undergoes endless sorrow. The moment the truth is seen, behold... the sorrow comes to an end.

The disease of the perception of this world-illusion is not cured except through the mastery of the mind, which is its only remedy. Hence, abandon all other activities like pilgrimage, gifts and austerities, and bring the mind under your control for your ultimate good.

The world appearance abides in the mind, even as there is space in the pot; if the pot is broken, the illusory division of space vanishes; and if the mind ceases to be, the concept of a world within the mind also ceases to be.

Even as an insect trapped within the pot attains freedom of movement when the pot is broken, you will also enjoy freedom when the mind ceases to be, along with the world-illusion contained in it.

Live in the present, with your consciousness externalized momentarily but without any effort: when the mind stops linking itself to the past and to the future it becomes no-mind. If from moment to moment your mind dwells on what is and drops it effortlessly at once, the mind becomes no-mind, full of purity.

It is only as long as the mind continues to be agitated that it experiences the diversity of its own projection or expansion, even as rain falls only as long as there are clouds. And, it is only as long as infinite consciousness limits itself into the finite mind, that such agitation and expansion take place. If consciousness ceases to be the finite mind, then know that the very roots of cyclic world-illusion are burnt, and there is perfection.

Consciousness free from the limitations of the mind is known as the inner intelligence: it is the essential nature of no-mind, and therefore it is not tainted by the impurities of concepts and percepts.

That is the reality, that is supreme auspiciousness, that is the state known as the supreme Self, that is omniscience - and that vision is not had when the mind functions. Where there is mind, there flourish hopes and desires, and there arise the experiences of pain and pleasure.

The consciousness which has been awakened to the truth does not fall into concepts and percepts: therefore, even though it seems to undergo various psychological experiences, it does not give rise to the world-illusion and the cycle of world-appearance.

The Self alone is the sole aid for the realization of the supreme Self or the infinite consciousness. It is one's own self that strives to abandon one's own sorrow, and for this the realization of one's own Self by oneself is the only course.

Hence, while yet remaining active in this world (talking, taking and leaving, etc), be without the mind and realize that you are pure consciousness.

Abandon notions such as 'This is mine', 'That is he', 'This I am' and be established in the consciousness of undivided oneness.

As long as the body lasts, consider the present and the future with an equananimous consciousness. Be forever established in the consciousness of the Self at all states - youth, manhood and old age, pleasure and pain, in the waking, dream and sleep states.

Abandon the impurity of objective perception, hopes and desires: remain established in Self-knowledge.

Give up notions of auspicious and inauspicious happenings, give up your visions of the desirable and the undesirable: know that you are the essence of consciousness.

Realize that subject, object and actions do not touch you; remain as pure consciousness without any disturbance in it. Know 'I am the all' and live in the waking state as if in deep sleep.

Be freed from conditions known as duality and non-duality, and remain in a state of equilibrium which is a state of pure consciousness and freedom. Realize that this cosmic consciousness is indivisible into 'I' and 'the other' and thus remain firm and unshakable.

It is only when this Self-knowledge is overpowered by ignorance that the delusion of world appearance arises in the mind.

But when one is firmly established in Self-knowledge - which is infinite, unlimited and unconditioned, the delusion or ignorance that gave rise to the world appearance comes to an end.

Concise Yoga Vasistha pg 207 to 209 - ISBN: 087395954X