Space is defined within a boundary. That boundary defined within a larger space

That larger space defined within a larger boundary. That larger boundary defined within a larger space

This cannot continue ad infinitum. Both parentless, neither truly exists

The end of the universe never found, as the dreamer (subject) in the spaceship keeps dreaming more space

Being a spiritual reality there is no space in consciousness, and yet It exists

Reflect upon what your consciousness is made of, you realize it is not made of any 'thing' (material)

Reflect how big your consciousness is, you realize it is not spatial, not a certain size (nor exists in any place)

And in consciousness without space there is no time, measured movement in space

The absence of space negates the possibility of time or material existence, except as a dream

Being conscious one cannot imagine non-existence, yet there is no reason why there should be existence at all

Hence eastern mystics (truth seekers) conclude birthless existence is a mystery, perhaps even unto it Self

Discrimination upon existence without space is the shortest path to realizing higher truth

As you dream a world of space within your consciousness each night, which does not exist

Existence or consciousness dreams space, which does not exist

Eternal Self experiencing of the Self within the Self

by Pardeep

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