Even as a mirror reflects an object held close to it, one's behavior reflects as the ego-sense (division) in one's consciousness. However, if this behavior is 'held (witnessed) at a distance from consciousness' and there is no identification with such behavior, the ego sense (division) does not arise.

(Concise Yoga Vasistha pg 135 - ISBN: 087395954X)

In the middle between the sight and the seen, there is a relationship which is known as the seer. When the division between the seer, the sight and the seen is abolished, that is the supreme (consciousness).

Be that always.

Even as you do not busy yourself with the affairs of a future village, do not get tangled with the moods of your mind, but be established in truth (consciousness). Regard the mind as a foreigner or a piece of wood or stone.

There is no mind in infinite consciousness; that which is done by this non-existent mind is also unreal. Be established in this realization.

I have investigated the truth concerning the mind for a very long time O Rama, and have found none.

Only infinite consciousness (awareness) exists.

(Concise Yoga Vasistha pg 115 - ISBN: 087395954X)