It is the mind that has made all this world, as pots from clay.

When the mind is conquered, everything is conquered.

Remember, that the mind is almost invincible... except through intelligent practise.

The very best intelligent means by which the mind can be subdued is complete freedom from desire, hope or expectation in regard to all objects at all times.

It is by this means that this powerful elephant (the mind) can be subdued. This means is both very easy and extremely difficult; it is very difficult for one who does not engage himself in serious practise, but very easy for one who is earnest in his effort.

Just as there is no harvest without sowing, the mind is not subdued without persistent practise. Hence, take up this practise of renunciation. Until one turns away from sense pleasures here, one will continue to roam in this world of sorrow.

Even a strong man will not reach his destination if he does not move towards it.

No one can reach this state of total dispassion without persistent practise.

Only by right self exertion can dispassion be attained; there is no other means.

People talk about divine grace or fate, but in this world we perceive the body, not a God.

When people speak of God they simply imply what is inevitable, what is beyond their control and the events of natural order. Even so, whatever brings about total equanimity and the cessation of joy and sorrow is also referred to as divine grace.

Divine grace, natural order and right self exertion all refer to the same truth; the distinction is due to wrong perception or illusion.

Whatever the mind conceives of through right self-exertion comes to be in its own fruition, and when the mind apprehends such fruition, there is experience of joy, etc.

The mind is the doer, and whatever it conceives of, the natural order (niyati) creates and manifests. The mind is also able to run counter to the natural order; hence it may even be said that the mind is the prompter of the natural order.

Even as wind moves in space, the jiva (the individual) functions in this world, doing what has to be done within the natural order though such actions appear to be selfish or egotistic.

Prompted by nature, he seems to move or stand still - both of which are mere expressions or false superimpositions, even as the movement of trees on a mountain top makes it look as if the peak is swaying.

Hence, as long as there is mind there is neither God nor a natural order; when the mind has ceased to be... let there be whatever is!

The Concise Yoga Vasistha - ISBN: 087395954X