Is Your Role Fulfilling?

Just as a movie is projected upon a screen; life is imagined within consciousness.

Whether a movie is good or bad, the screen remains the same. It never moves. It is never modified.

The screen never changes in any way, regardless of what occurs in any movie.

Regardless of your life story, your consciousness remains completely unchanged.

One could believe life has purpose, that one must forbear for a greater good (purpose).

But when nothing can be added or subtracted from consciousness, how can any life serve any purpose?

When consciousness is unaffected by any role, where is the value of suffering an unfulfilling role?

Purpose is an illusion, you are always free to play a different role.

The only sensible choice for the knower of this truth is to select a fulfilling role.

Hence there remains only sane question for one who realizes nothing changes consciousness:

Is my role fulfilling me?

by Pardeep

© Copyright Pardeep 2004 - 2017