Is Your Role Fulfilling?

As a movie is projected upon a screen.

Life is imagined within consciousness (your real Self).

Regardless of movie, the screen does not move or change.

Regardless of life (story), consciousness does not move or change.

Consciousness being everything, has nothing to accomplish or become.

Mind (ego) desires purpose (consequence), but for consciousness life is play (without consequence).

Mystics sum this up as 'Raab di leela' (its all God's play).

Since consciousness is never changed by anything; how can there be any purpose (consequence)?

Since consciousness is unchanged by any role; where is the value in suffering an unfulfilling role?

As no role adds or subtracts anything to or from consciousness;

You are always free to choose and play (or forbear) a fulfilling role.

Realizing this, one question remains:

Is my role fulfilling me?

by Pardeep

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