How To Self Realize in 1 Second

You are consciousness imagining experiences (dreaming).

To realize this as your real nature, simply: close your eyes, empty your mind, be still.

When your mind is quiet without thoughts, you will find you are still aware (conscious).

Hence the truths:

I AM that I AM.

I exist because I am Existence.

I am conscious because I am Consciousness.

I am aware because I am Awareness.

Be still and know that I am God (silence the mind and realize your Self as consciousness, spirit, awareness).

With a silent mind remain conscious of your consciousness, even with eyes wide open and engaged in action.

Thoughts alone veil realization of your Self, and their cessation alone lifts the veil.

It may seem difficult to empty the mind, but everyone can accomplish that for at least one second.

And during one second of stillness, all that remains is you are still aware (conscious of your consciousness).

Just one second can change a life.

by Pardeep

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