Freewill vs Destiny

Consciousness being Existence (everything) is within you and the perceived world.

Consciousness is the intuition within guiding you.

Consciousness is the circumstances affecting you.

Consciousness is the mind impressions (samskaras) in this and imagined past lives.

Hence from the moment of birth, siblings in the same family (circumstances) have different tendencies (vasanas).

From the ground level one does not see what is around the corner, hence one's reaction is perceived as freewill.

From 30,000 feet above the ground, it is visible what is coming your way, hence destined.

Both views are true, however one is the higher truth.

Intuition, circumstances and tendencies are an interdependent dance, each affecting the other.

If any one Being existing anywhere knows what you will do before you do it, everything is destined.

If no such Being exists, everything is freewill.

If one Being (indivisible consciousness) alone exists as everything:

Everything is destined with an intense illusion of freewill (limited perspective).

Which you will employ for sake of play (story, relative truth).

Even playing hide and seek, if you know where everyone is hiding, where is the play?

It being the nature of Absolute Being to imagine relative becoming, mystics sum this up as:

"For the sake of play, there is this forgetfulness" (of your true Self as indivisible consciounsess).

by Pardeep

© copyright pardeep 2018