Existence Dreaming

Existence exists as consciousness without space (advaita).

No one doubts they 'are' (exist).

Everyone feels 'I Am' (I exist).

The awareness of Self existence is not made of any material, nor any size, nor exists in any space (location).

It simply IS, exists as Existence, consciousness without space, a non-spatial Self-existent spiritual Being.

You are aware you exist, hence Existence exists. And because Existence exists, all else exists.

Existence is also known as the Self, consciousness, God, spirit, soul, the Infinite or simply your inner awareness 'I AM' ('I exist').

Existence is indivisible consciousness, forever still, bodiless, unmodified, without space (and hence material).

But it is not empty, void or nothingness as it is consciousness.

In the absence of bricks (material) to build a house, and space in which to place it, the house can only be a dream.

Absolute dreaming relative. Being dreaming becoming. These two remain forever true:

Existence exists (forever).

Existence dreams (forever).

by Pardeep

© copyright pardeep 2004 - 2018