The spiritual realm

The metaphysical realm
Creation of a world within spirit or energy.
No creation
The objective world of forms is merely imagined (an appearance) in formless consciousness. Hence no world is ever created (truly exists).
Modification of spirit or energy resulting in a world of constant change.
No transformation
Any perceived transformations are only be imagined since there is no material (substance) in consciousness for any transformation of anything to ever take place.
A physical space within which a world can exist
No space
Since there is no objective space within consciousness, the notion of space (spatial field) is imagined to enable the perception of an objective world.
Movement (motion) within a world existing in space.
No movement
There is never any movement since there is no space (spatial field) within or greater than consciousness (the sole existence) in which any such movement could ever take place. Hence the absolute (consciousness) remains eternally still (non-moving) and all movements (including the perceived movement of energy or spirit) can only be imagined (projected within the screen of consciousness).
The notion of time to enable a beginning, middle and end to stories (objective lives), plus concepts such as evolution, the 4 yugs or kalpas (ages), astrology, etc
No time
There is no time since there is no space within consciousness to enable any measurement of movement necessary for time. Hence dream (imagined) time is the child of dream movement in dream space.
Liberation from bondage, suffering and rebirth.
No freedom
The notion of liberation is an illusion since there is never any bondage or birth (hence no death) in consciousness (Beingness, existence, awareness). Indivisible awareness alone exists never changes, never moves & never becomes anything. Hence awareness being eternally free, all experiences are imagined (dreams).
Division of good vs. bad, spiritual vs. material world, desirable vs. undesirable, etc
No duality
No diversity since consciousness alone exists without space or material (substance) to enable any real creation or division (duality). Hence duality is imagined for 'Beingness' (consciousness) to perceive 'becomingness' (diversity, division, experiences). Being imagines becoming.
The burden of accomplishing something, becoming something, making a difference, etc.
No purpose
Purpose is an illusion since there is no gain or loss whatsoever for consciousness through imagined experiences (dreams), and because it's dreams are spontaneous and non-intentional (hence purposeless). Who intends to dream at night? It happens spontaneously and without any intention. This is like a movie screen unaffected by any movies projected upon it. Freedom is realized by renouncing the burden of purpose, and simply choose and play a fulfilling role.
Lots of experiences such as meeting gurus, lights and visions during meditation, angels, fairies, different dimensions, feeling the movement of energy or light, spirit guides and often an emphasis on the experience of bliss.
No experiences
Since consciousness (the subject) alone is real without any division, it can never be experienced as any object by any subject (since there is no separation), and hence can only be realized (become aware of Itself). You (consciousness) can never experience what you already are (consciousness), just as sugar cannot taste sugar, since it is sugar itself. It is the very seeking of experiences that blocks realization (becoming conscious, aware) of absolute truth (consciousness, existence, Beingness, the awareness 'I Am').
Belief that one can evolve over time to arrive at some level where existence is much more pleasant, or that one can be permanently free resting in the peace of consciousness. i.e. heaven, etc.

No destination
There is no destination since consciousness remains forever still imagining experiences within itself forever, for such is the nature of consciousness (to dream). There is nothing to grasp (attain) since consciousness (the Self) alone is real (exists as existence), and because dreams (imagined experiences) are unreal (do not truly exist). There is nothing to escape since consciousness and it's dreams never end. Hence there is no destination (final resting place or end point) since the dance of 'Being' (consciousness) and 'becoming' (consciousness dreaming) continues without beginning or end, forever.

Freedom is realized by being aware of your
awareness (spirit, consciousness, existence, Beingness, the Absolute)

by Pardeep

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