4 Paths of Spiritual Growth

1. Raja yoga - the path of meditation.

2. Jnana yoga - the path of wisdom.

3. Bhakti - the path of devotion.

4. Karma yoga - the path of service.

Yoga means to join and unite, hence all 4 paths are simply different means to the same one end:

To thin out the conditioning of the mind, dissolve and purify it to realize consciousness as the Self.

Everyone has a different nature, and will find one path easier in accordance with their natural temperament.

An experiential type would fare better with raja yoga.

An intellectual who must understand first towards jnana yoga.

An emotional person would lean towards bhakti yoga.

A practical type will gravitate towards karma yoga.

No one path is ideal for everyone, it's more natural and easier to start with the path closest to your nature.

It makes no difference, as progess on one naturally flowers the qualities of the other three within the heart.

As four spokes on a wheel, the further you travel down one, the closer you are to the other three.

Until they all merge in the same one hub, as consciousness, your real Self.

by Pardeep.

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